Artize Bathroom Accessories in Bangalore: Luxury Bath Fittings

If “an interesting piece of artwork” is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about how to give your bathroom some personality, there’s no reason that it can’t become a reality. The Artize bathroom collection curated by Katta Ceramics are exquisite and practical works of art. The end effect is an upgraded bathroom where art meets technology.

Artize sanitaryware was designed for and by design aficionados, and its artful contours, lines, and painstaking polish bring in a new standard for bathroom indulgence.

Artize is a luxury bath brand from the Jaquar Group whose products draw creative inspiration from works of art that span different mediums, eras, and even continents and are crafted to exceed the most intricate luxury and quality standards.

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Artize Sanitaryware, Wash Basins & Diverters

At Katta Ceramics, you can find the most innovative and beautifully designed assortment of Artize bathroom fittings and sanitaryware. By partnering with Artize, Katta Ceramics hopes to give customers the highest level of luxury in their bathrooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grohe a luxury brand?

There is no doubt that Grohe belongs in the premium brand category. The business is recognized as an industry pioneer all over the globe. It focuses on providing a broad range of bathroom and kitchen accessories. The sanitary ware Grohe offers is outstanding because they successfully mix fashionable designs with cutting-edge technological advancements.


Is Artize a luxury brand?

Artize is a premium brand that is developed by Jaquar Group. Jaquar Group is a major worldwide brand specializing in comprehensive bathroom and lighting solutions. Artize is available in 55 different countries.


Is Artize service free?

Every Artize product comes with a complimentary one-year subscription to preventative maintenance service. Please get in contact with our specialist team at Katta Ceramics so that we may be of assistance.


How do you clean Artize wash basins?

Regular upkeep is also necessary to ensure you can use your bathroom for a long time. Although the bathroom should have a stylish design and innovative features, the user will value cleanliness more than anything else. The joints are major places where dirt and germs are collected around the wash basin. Unpleasant odours may emerge as a result. Regularly clean the washbasin while sometimes remembering to wipe the joints to avoid this.

After the plug is in place, a modest amount of dishwashing liquid and some warm water should be added to the Artize wash basin. Drain the water, then gently clean the basin’s surface with the sponge’s soft side before wiping it off with a dry, soft towel.

Does Artize sanitaryware have warranty coverage?

The warranty is provided by Jaquar for all of its products according to the warranty period specified on the site. The warranty period differs between products. Our professionals at Katta Ceramics would be delighted to assist you with any warranty-related questions.

What should I use to clean my Artize bath fittings and accessories?

The best way to clean Artize sanitary fittings is to use a gentle bathroom cleaning solution and microfibre cloth. Leave the solution for a few minutes before wiping it off. Make sure to rinse and wipe with a dry cloth to restore shiny surfaces.

Are Artize faucets available in different colours other than chrome?

Artize faucets are available in various colours, and PVD finishes to complement any bathroom design. The chrome finish on selected Artize tapware, such as bathroom mixer taps, water taps, and tap showers, has a thick plating and offers resistance to harsh climatic and water conditions, resulting in little wear and tear.

What do you mean by Artize complete bathing solutions?

Artize offers a wide variety of high-quality bathing goods suitable for any bathroom design. Faucets, sanitary ware, whirlpools, sauna cabins, spas, shower stalls, water heaters, a flushing system, and lighting are all part of its complete bathing solutions.

Where Can I Buy Artize Bathroom Products?

At Katta Ceramics, you can peruse an assortment of Artize bathroom fittings and sanitaryware to find the most innovative and beautifully designed goods. Since more than 35 years ago, Katta Ceramics has provided customers with an expanding selection of bathroom sanitary ware to meet their specific requirements.

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