5 Reasons to Get a Handheld Shower


Bathrooms are spaces of peace and tranquillity. We all want to have the finest bathroom fixtures installed, so each visit is relaxing and enjoyable. Showers and relaxation go hand-in-hand, so it is crucial that you have the most therapeutic shower fixture possible. Handheld showers completely transform the function of conventional fitted shower heads and will alter the way you shower for the rest of your life.

Benefits of a Handheld Shower Head

A hand shower with a tap is a wonderful practical twist for contemporary bathroom suites and shower enclosures, and it’s incredible how advantageous they can be. So, here are five terrific reasons to invest in bath taps with shower heads right away.

1. Adaptability

You wouldn’t necessarily equate flexibility with a conventional shower head, but bath taps with a shower head offer a unique showering experience. The shower is linked to the walls by a long hose and placed in a holder.

As we’ll see in the following paragraphs, this versatility allows the water to flow from various angles rather than only from above, which is a pleasant change that greatly improves the functioning of your shower.

  1. Thorough Showering

When bathing, there are usually portions of your body that don’t get cleansed as thoroughly as others; like your lower body and feet, however, a handheld shower ensures that everything gets a nice strong rinse so you may feel clean and fresh all over.

Furthermore, you may prefer to shower without getting your hair wet, which may be difficult when the water stream hits you from above, requiring you to use a shower cap. Luckily, a hand shower with tap fixture allows you to keep the water away from your hair.  

3. Height Adjustment

As beneficial as removing the shower head out of its holder may be, at times, you will want it to stay at an acceptable height so that both your hands are free.

A slide bar on the wall behind the shower allows you to modify the height by simply moving it up and down. This is perfect if your shower must accommodate users of varying heights, but you should keep a watch on the shower head in case it begins to slide down on its own.

4. Simpler Cleaning

This time, it’s the shower itself, not your body. With a hand shower with a tap, you no longer need to use rags and wipes to scrub away stains and mildew that have accumulated over time.

Instead of having to dig them out of your cleaning equipment every time, you’ll be able to easily and swiftly cleanse the shower panels and walls on a regular basis. This is especially useful in shower baths when the whole tub can be rinsed with the longer handheld shower.

5. Always Be Environmentally Conscious

Nowadays, it’s a must for all bathroom equipment to be environmentally friendly somehow, and one important method to do so is by conserving water.

Many contemporary showerhead designs may be outfitted with pressure controllers to aid with water management by regulating flow and temperature. Even conventional bath taps with shower heads can be twisted and spun at the nozzle to release water at varied pressures.

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To Sum Up

A handheld showerhead is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a water-efficient and energy-efficient alternative to your regular, fixed showerhead. They have several attachments that make them more comfortable.

Handheld showers are suitable for those looking for more convenience while taking a bath. In addition, they perform well when placed just above the tub or shower since they allow you to go closer to the source of water without sacrificing visibility.

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