Bathroom Basics for Remodelling


Trends are changing and that is no secret. So, naturally, it is essential to keep your wardrobe and the rest of your house up-to-date by regularly evaluating and renovating it with fresh designs.

Refurbishing and upgrading your house is a significant task, with fixture replacement playing a crucial role. The key is to find designs and modern bathroom accessories online that complement your lifestyle and habits. Here is a quick rundown of bathroom basics for remodelling to help you get started!

Relevant Bathroom Accessories for Improvement

Here are some practical tips to remember before you start remodelling your bathroom.

1. Ask Yourself Questions Before Beginning

Ask yourself a variety of questions. You may not know it at first, but the more you ask yourself about what you want vs what you need, the designs and functionalities, the better the chance of you purchasing something that suits your demands and complements your persona. Now imagine a designer assisting you in making these choices. Suddenly, upgrading your bathroom becomes a fun activity from being a mundane and tedious task.

Before starting, any designer will run a plethora of questions by their customers. Prepare your queries well in advance, and then begin to collect inspiration and ideas for your new bathroom accessories online.

  •       What is your budget? 
  •       How much free space do you require? 
  •       How many individuals will use the space? 
  •       What do you dislike about your present living quarters? 

2. Plan Carefully and Consider the Positioning of Bathroom Elements

According to experts, remodelling the bathtub can make a tiny bathroom look much bigger, but certain things are not worth the investment.

It is recommended not to alter the placement of the faucet. You may replace the faucet but do not move it. Moving will result in extra effort, and you will incur more expenses. If you must relocate essential pieces, try to keep the toilet close to the existing soil pipe to reduce plumbing issues and bathroom renovation expenses.

3. Relevant Products for Improvement

A bathroom includes several items used often throughout the day, such as faucets and showers. So, while selecting them, ensure they align well with your requirements and the needs of the interior. The positioning of accessories must be such that the are easily accessible.

If you’re willing to spend a little more upfront, you may save money in the long run by purchasing high-quality modern bathroom accessories that will increase your bathroom’s glamour and prevent you from having to replace them often.

Showers with bright, shining surfaces, such as a bright gold finish, may seem strange unless they match your bathrooms aesthetics. 

In addition, all the accessories you get must be able to manage the water pressure and conserve water.

Be Creative with the Lights

Lighting has a significant influence on establishing the perfect aura. To calm the mind and body, it is essential to use warm colours, such as warm white and yellow. These lights revitalize the body and aid with stress relief. In addition to these colour options, one may also use a soothing blue.

Keep Up with Technological Advancements with Modern Bathroom Accessories

Lifestyle changes require careful investments and planning. Investing in a steam shower is a growing trend, especially due to the pandemic and people becoming more health-conscious.

Steam showers regulate the water’s temperature and pressure while allowing the user to enjoy a soothing, warm shower. A steam shower looks spectacular and adds a touch of luxury to the bathroom.

A current trend is a shower enclosure with massaging jets for enhanced relaxation and comfort. You can find out more about the latest trends in bathroom accessories online.

To Sum Up

In today’s world, where lifestyle choices reign supreme, staying up-to-date can add to your emotional and physical well-being healthy. Although a decade ago, it was a whole different story, nowadays, technology is gradually becoming integrated into our everyday life. Since we spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms, this space must be fitted with modern, digital amenities. You can enhance the interior styling of your bathroom with modern bathroom accessories like sensor taps, digital showers, smart mirrors, and more.

At Katta Ceramics, we offer a versatile and diverse range of bathroom accessories to meet all your requirements like fixtures, tiling, and more. You can explore our catalogue to find modern bathroom accessories online or visit our store to find the finest bathroom accessories Bangalore can offer.’

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