Bathroom Fittings & Sanitary Ware Collection By Jaquar & Hindware

Bathroom fittings and sanitary ware by Jaquar and Hindware

Bathrooms are often considered to be some of the most private places in a home; hence, we place a high value on the way they are designed, decorated, and styled. All your bathroom sanitary ware should be as stylish as it is functional.

Hindware and Jaquar are two of India’s most renowned companies, and both are known for their superior quality and promise of elegance. They consistently meet or exceed their customers’ expectations in terms of product quality and price, which has helped make them an industry leader in the sanitaryware industry.

Let’s find out what services Hindware and Jaquar provide.

Discover Stylish Bathroom Sanitary Ware with Hindware

Products from Hindware are always cutting-edge and beautifully crafted since that’s what they stand for. The company was founded by Dr RK Somany, who relocated from Kolkata to Delhi in 1960 to begin working in the sanitaryware products market. After extensive investigation, he realised there was a need in the market for vitreous china sanitaryware in India.

You may discover everything related to personal hygiene, from cisterns and faucets to showers and tubs, as well as shower enclosures.

Hindware’s Elegant Collections 

Featuring cutting-edge engineering and a commitment to quality that lasts a lifetime, Hindware’s extensive selection of bathroom sanitary ware, kitchen sinks, and spa equipment is second to none. The company’s premium, mass market, and luxury sanitaryware and faucet lines—Queo, Hindware Italian Collection, and Hindware—cover the whole range of customer budgets and preferences.

Hindware Italian Tiles

Hindware Italian Tiles, a premium, aspirational brand of tiles for the discriminating customer, was also recently released by the firm. Onyx, Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario are just a few of the timeless marble stone designs available from the Hindware Italian Tiles collection. A pioneer in the glass vitrified tile market, this company also provides an impressive selection of big format slabs, making it ideal for creating grandiose interiors.

High Performance by Hindware

When it comes to satisfying its clientele, this company consistently delivers high-quality goods that have been the subject of extensive testing. Excellent customer service, groundbreaking new products, and stringent quality assurance are the tenets upon which Hindware was founded.

If you find yourself searching for a ‘Hindware showroom near me,’ Katta Ceramics is the answer!

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Discover The Benefits of Jaquar Sanitaryware Products

With a footprint in more than 55 countries spanning Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa, Jaquar is rapidly becoming one of the most popular names in the bathroom and lighting industry.

Bathroom sanitary products that look modern and stylish without sacrificing practicality may be hard to come by, and Jaquar’s designers understand this challenge. With this in mind, Jaquar has created state-of-the-art bathroom sanitary ware that will provide you with the highest level of comfort and blend in with your bathroom’s aesthetic without drawing attention away from its other fine features.

Some of the many reasons why Jaquar is the best name in high-end bathroom fixtures are listed below.

Distinct Styles

All Jaquar sanitary gear is made with a unique aesthetic that goes beyond just use. It also has a compact profile, so you won’t have to squander any precious moments of your time. It is designed to keep the spa atmosphere of any bathroom intact.

Refined Monochromatic Designs 

The refined design of Jaquar is perfect for a luxurious bathroom. Sanitaryware from the house of Jaquar comes in bold, monochromatic tones with either a glossy or matte finish.

Anti-Germ Coating

The anti-germ coating that is unique to Jaquar sanitaryware is one of its defining characteristics. In Jaquar, cleanliness and wellness are paramount. A clean and disinfected bathroom is one of the best ways to avoid contracting some of the many infectious diseases that plague our planet. It’s safe to say that Jaquar’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial capabilities are unparalleled.


Because businesses are responsible for a considerable amount of water wastage, Jaquar has analysed and developed solutions to aid in water conservation while still providing access to the best that the market has to offer.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Bathroom Sanitary Ware

Are you on your way to revamp your bathroom with some of the modern, sleek, and elegant sanitaryware products offered by Hindware or Jaquar? If so, here are some tips to keep in mind while you search for the perfect fit for your bathroom.

  • Having a budget in mind can help you narrow your product selection to those items that are essential to your daily life. Every budget and aesthetic preference may be accommodated by the vast selection of bathroom accessories on the market today.
  • If you require anything essential, write it down. If you go into a search with a clear goal in mind, you won’t waste time and energy clicking around aimlessly or splurge money on unnecessary add-ons.
  • You may optimise your search for a Hindware or Jaquar sanitary showroom in Bangalore by considering your budget before you start shopping for toiletries.
  • Invest in high-quality lighting. Even if you don’t pay much consideration to lighting while shopping for other bathroom furnishings, it might end up being a major factor in how your bathroom looks and feels. Visiting the toilet may serve as a welcome respite from the stresses of the day each time you use it.

To Sum Up

Check out Katta Ceramics if you’re looking for sleek, elegant bathroom sanitary ware. The bespoke lines of sanitaryware products at Katta Ceramics feature the best of Hindware as well as Jaquar. For over 35 years, Bangalore’s Katta Ceramics has been the go-to Jaquar sanitary showroom in Bangalore, as well as the destination for every search seeking Hindware showroom near me. Explore the carefully-curated collections online, or visit the store in person.

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