Beginners’ Guide To Selecting The Right Bathroom Accessories


An aesthetically delightful yet functional bathroom is something that most people would want to have. Indeed, this explains why choosing the right bathroom accessories holds significance. Of course, the practicality of these fixtures is paramount, even before their aesthetic effect on your bathroom as a whole. If you need help deciding on bathroom accessories, read on!

1. Types of Bathroom Accessories

Recognize your unique requirements, and buy only those types of bathroom accessories that you need. Ensure you have a clear idea of what you are looking for before venturing out. Take a look around your washroom and see if there’s anything missing. Additionally, make sure you do not squander your time and finances on something you will not put to use. 

2. Understand Your Budget

Having a firm grasp of your financial situation is necessary. This way, you can select the fixtures that look well in your bathroom and don’t break the bank at the same time. Obviously, if your funds are limited, you wouldn’t want to waste them on unnecessary extravagance. You should get high-quality, reasonably priced bathroom items.

3. Avoid Becoming Brand-Conscious

No serious consideration of brand names should be made while selecting bathroom accessories. The general public tends to believe that well-recognised brands are of the highest quality and represent the greatest value. It isn’t always the highest-quality thing. 

Always do thorough research while purchasing anything, not simply on the label. Make sure you’ve thought about how you want to put the things you’re buying to use. Verify that it satisfies your requirements. The name of the company is not what counts.

4. Find High-Quality Products At Reasonable Prices

Buyers often believe the myth that a higher price indicates a higher quality product. However,  there are many alternative options that are both affordable and superior. Therefore, it is important to shop wisely. Take a close look at the product’s specifications and pricing to ensure you get a decent deal.

5. Keep Your Available Space In Mind

Even if your room is modest in size, you could end up with a lot of obsolete accessories if you do not account for available space. So, before you go out and buy a range of bathroom accessories that will only take up unnecessary space, measure it out first. 

Keep in mind that it’s the purpose, not the appearance, which is more essential. The floor and bathroom wall tiles will also make a difference here.

6. Put The Most Important Accessories First

Be sure to prioritise getting what you require before splurging on extras. Always remember to stock up on necessities like bathroom fixtures and harmonize them with flooring and bathroom wall tiles. Be sure to prioritise purchasing the items you will really use. Make absolutely sure it complements your taste and serves a practical function.

7. Make The Right Selections For Sink And Bath Fixtures

Choosing faucets and showerheads that go well with the rest of the bathroom accessories is important. For a more contemporary feel, pair your streamlined sink and tub with fixtures that continue the sleek design. 

If your fittings are decorated, you may get a classic appearance with porcelain and brass combinations. Examine the water efficiency of both the sink and shower fixtures you’re considering purchasing.

8. Just Stick To Neutral Colours And Styles

Use neutral colours and simple designs in the bathroom if you want to switch up the decor often. This way, if you ever become tired of your bathroom tiles or your bathroom style, you can switch out only the accessories and save yourself the trouble. 

The bathroom essentials, including the sink, toilet, and tub/shower combo, are all available for purchase.

9. Carefully Consider Your Lighting Options

While some people may not include lights in their list of bathroom accessories, you can’t deny their usefulness. It is not only a nice addition to the space, but a necessary one that may make your bathroom seem like a retreat. 

Select fixtures that will not only provide light on the bathroom but also improve its aesthetic appeal. Numerous types of lighting are available, such as wall sconces, lamps, and so on. When deciding on a lighting fixture, the bathroom’s square footage should be considered.


To Sum Up

Think about whether you want contemporary, classic, or ultra-modern bathroom decor. You can narrow your search for the perfect bathroom accessories by arming yourself with as much information as possible before shopping. 

No matter your tastes, Katta Ceramics can offer something to tick all your boxes- owing to our carefully-curated, bespoke collection of modern bathroom accessories. Get in touch with us soon!

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