Buyers Guide for Pull-out Kitchen Faucets


When it comes to buying a faucet for the kitchen sink, not many people know which faucet to choose. For most people, a kitchen faucet is just a water tap that allows them to wash their dishes. However, kitchen faucets are much more than that. An elegant kitchen faucet can make a statement in any kitchen and can improve a kitchen’s aesthetics.

When looking for a kitchen faucet, one would come across a plethora of options they can choose from. But one popular type of faucet that homeowners and designers increasingly prefer is the pull-out kitchen faucet. If you are looking for an all-in-one kitchen faucet without a separate sprayer, a pull-out faucet can help serve the purpose. Let us first understand what they are and why one must choose them.

What is a pull-out kitchen faucet?

As the name suggests, a pull-out faucet allows the user to pull out the spout and use the faucet like a manual hand sprayer. Unlike a regular faucet, these faucets have an additional feature of being pulled out. Pull-out faucets are very convenient to hold and use. These faucets are an excellent option for rinsing utensils and cleaning various kitchen sink areas. These faucets make it easier for the users to rinse any food particles stuck in the sink’s corners down the drain.

A pull-out faucet is also referred to as a gooseneck faucet because of its high arc shape. These faucets come in several industrial and rustic designs, and they can blend easily with almost all types of kitchen interiors. They feature a dramatic height that makes these faucets the focal point in your kitchen.

There are different varieties of pull-out kitchen faucets that one can choose from. While the basic features remain the same, there are some fundamental differences. Let us now learn about the different types of pull-out faucets that one can use in their kitchen.

Types of pull-out faucets

Some main types are:

  • Weighted pull-out taps
  • Spring-loaded taps
  • Pull out faucets with spray
  • Pull out faucets with a regular flow
  • Faucets with a separate hand rise

Pull-out faucets initially started for commercial kitchens, but people soon started using them for their personal kitchens, given their convenience. One can choose a weighted pull-out tap with an in-built feature that allows the faucet hose and spout to fit back into its housing after use or go for a spring-loaded design in which the fixture uses the spring mechanism to move in and out off it’s stand.

People who look for pull-out faucets generally prefer the ones with a spray tap option. However, pull-out faucets are also available in regular flow and shower-like spray options. Having a faucet with spray options makes it easy to wash the kitchen utensils and clean any food residue left in the kitchen sink.

Why does one need a pull-out faucet?

People might want to buy pull-out faucets for their minimalistic and sleek looks, but there is more to these faucets besides their stylish appearance. These faucets can add a lot of functionality to your kitchens. They allow you to wash your utensils easily using the spray hose. They save you from all the mess associated with cleaning utensils and keep the area around the kitchen sink clean and dry.

You can spray the water on the problem areas using these faucets directly. These faucets are also very simple to use and can drastically improve the aesthetics of your kitchen.


We hope this blog has inspired you to install a pull-out faucet in your kitchen sinks. There is no limit to the designs and finishes one can choose from when it comes to pull-out faucets. Go for the designs that blend well with your kitchen’s interior and cater to your expectations.

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