How Do I Select Sanitary Ware?


In order to maintain harmony throughout your living space, choosing the finest bathroom sanitary ware is among the primary criteria when creating a home. Sanitary ware items may also contribute to a bathroom’s aesthetic attractiveness, whether you’re remodeling an existing one or creating a new one.

You can never go wrong with sanitary ware products that provide excellent value for your money and transform your bathrooms into a thing of beauty without compromising on functionality. Let’s explore a few elements that might guide your search for the ideal bathroom fittings.

What Are the Qualities of Good Sanitary Appliances?

The methods listed below might assist you in finding the ideal bathroom sanitary ware for your home.


You don’t want to lead a monotonous and boring life, right? That needs to be reflected in your home design as well. You should let your personality radiate through your design choices as well. As a result, you may choose sanitary ware in various colours.

Make sure you research well before selecting colourful sanitary ware. The colour of your bathroom’s sanitary equipment should match the style of the area, which may range from traditional to minimalistic.

The superiority of the Products

You should never compromise on quality when selecting sanitaryware products for your bathroom. It is better to purchase these items from India’s highest-rated sanitary ware companies since they provide high-quality goods.

Additionally, premium sanitary ware will have smooth finishes and pinholes to avoid the emergence of patchwork and dull areas.


Make sure the items you choose for your bathroom are stain-resistant. Unfortunately, these items tend to fracture or chip over time, which is a significant problem for most users.

The lack of high-quality materials while manufacturing these ceramic items is the primary cause behind chipping. You must select smooth sanitary ware products with openings that readily let water drain out since this makes cleaning up a snap.

Convenience and Comfort

Good sanitary ware products cost a little higher than generic ones. You must consider comfort while making high-quality goods purchases. Comfort and visual appeal will be catered for in the highest-grade materials. You should think about purchasing high-quality sanitary ware accessories with many modifications.

Avoid making frequent purchases of sanitary gear. Therefore, investing in a high-quality one at first might be beneficial. The devices that will increase comfort and convenience must be simple to install.

Ease of Cleaning

You must acquire high-quality sanitary ware accessories while investing. Even though many of us want self-cleaning bathroom equipment, they are rarely seen.

To maintain bathroom hygiene, the accessories you choose for the room should be simple to clean and conveniently accessible. The most significant characteristics of high-quality sanitary ware items make them useful for daily usage.

Additionally, it will be crucial to maintain hygiene throughout the whole restroom. You won’t have to spend the entire day washing the basins. After all, if you clean the bathroom items constantly, they will lose their elegant appearance.

Availability of Space

Checking the available space should be considered before purchasing any sanitary goods in India. For instance, adding large items to a tiny bathroom would make the area feel cramped and crowded.

In addition, you shouldn’t place smaller sanitary ware accessories in a large bathroom since they make the space seem odd. While picking accessories is entirely a matter of taste, knowing how your bathroom is laid up is essential before making a decision.

Difficulties During Installation

The installation procedure for many sanitary ware goods is intricate. The technicians could charge more in this situation. As a result, you should pick a topographical plan that suits your demands. Plumbing and mounting issues might result from installation if calculations go wrong.

Which Brand Is Good for Bathroom Fittings?

The number of sanitary ware brands available in India has significantly increased. These companies make a wide variety of goods. However, finding the right brand might be challenging given the abundance of available options.

At Katta Ceramics, we have curated a carefully-selected range of contemporary and elegant branded sanitary ware. We bring you the best of Hindware, Jaquar, Queo, and more.


To ensure that your bathroom renovations reflect your identity, you should choose the best branded sanitary ware. The varying demands of consumers are catered for by various brands.

Katta Ceramics offers the most extraordinary sanitary ware items for convenience and excellent performance. It’s a one-stop shop for fashionable and contemporary goods. Browse our assortment of sanitaryware and consider the pros and cons to choosing the one that best suits your requirements.

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