How To Choose The Best Bathtub For Your Bathroom?

Bathroom with a bathtub

Are you hoping to give your bathroom a little more depth and colour? Replacing an older bathtub is a simple way to liven up any bathroom. When selecting a new bathtub, you should examine the bathtub style, size, material, price, and a few other factors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them so that you can be well-equipped with the right information before approaching bathtub dealers in Bangalore.

Types of Bathtubs

There are many different bathtub shapes and varieties to fit almost any bathroom, with each style emphasising two important elements: space plus material.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs may be fitted in almost all spaces and do not require the installation of connecting walls. They also give a more visually appealing focus for your bathroom than other drop-in bathtubs and are comparatively inexpensive in contrast to other choices on the market.


These are often longer and more rectangular in design than the alternatives, necessitating more space. They work well with bathtub shower mixer systems.

Oval Bathtubs

These tubs are symmetrical and spherical in design, comparable to a water basin. Such bathtubs feature a more contemporary style that contrasts nicely against the edges and angles of your bathroom and are particularly popular in flats or smaller houses.

Angled Tubs

An angled tub is slanted marginally higher just on side to provide support for your neck and back while bathing. Highly adaptable in size, these may be similar to an oval bathtub, or larger.

Alcove Bathtubs

Tubs that are put in a depression of three connected walls with one completed side are known as alcove or recessed tubs. Such bathtubs are typically seen in flats or smaller residences since they take up little room and may be coupled with a shower.

Air Tubs

The air tub is a bathtub with several little jets that pump warm air into your bath water to give a soothing effect. Air tubs, while comparable to water whirlpool bathtubs, employ jets to generate a bubbling feeling rather than a strong, massaging experience. They may offer the benefits of a bathtub shower mixer.


When it comes to selecting the correct material for the bathtub, two aspects come into play: pricing and comfort. You must test out which material seems the most relaxing to you.


Fiberglass, the most affordable bathtub material, is made of reinforced plastic sheets that are moulded into the form of a bathtub. The material is fairly robust, yet it is susceptible to chipping from hard blows, and it has the terrible property of being porous.


These bathtubs are extremely robust and non-porous, so they will not deform or disintegrate with time. The porcelain covering, on the other hand, is extremely sensitive to strong blows.


Acrylic is a preferred material for freestanding and drop-in bathtubs because it is lightweight and has a wide range of shapes and sizes. Although it has a similar appearance and feel to fibreglass, the substance is non-porous, which increases its durability significantly. It’s also resilient to chipping and can accommodate bathtub shower mixer systems well.


This material is extremely durable, retains heat, requires no further care other than regular water use, and is aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, it costs two to three times as much as the most competitive bathtub material.

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Size and Weight

A bigger tub is often suggested if your house can sustain it and if you have room for it. While a larger bathtub is more visually appealing, it will certainly demand a higher water bill.

If you have the necessary room, standalone and corner bathtubs are excellent choices. If your area is more restricted, alcove, drop-in, or soaking may be better options when you are seeking bathtubs near me.

Weight is an important consideration when selecting a tub. The heaviness of your tub, like its size, will influence where you may instal it.

Individual Needs

The persons who will be utilising the bathtub are a crucial factor to take into account while choosing one. You should take into account all of the bathers’ requirements in your home.

If you pick a higher bathtub, for instance, that allows for prolonged soak times, it could be difficult for smaller kids to access without help. The elderly are likewise subject to this restriction.


There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting the right bathtub for you, whether it is size, price, or comfort. It is advisable to conduct your homework before purchasing. Measure your space, think about the requirements of the people at home, and you will undoubtedly find the perfect bathtub for your home.

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