Reasons Why Ceramic Tiles Are Ideal For Your Bathroom Wall And Floor


Ceramic tiles are an excellent pick for covering floors and walls both indoors and out, and not simply because of their aesthetic value. In reality, if you compare ceramic tiles to various materials, you’ll find that they have several benefits. These tiles are some of the  most adaptable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance choices for bathroom wall tiles and flooring. 

Along with these benefits, they also offer various visually appealing qualities. 

What Is The Benefit Of Ceramic Tiles For Bathrooms?

Let’s examine why ceramic tiles are ideal as flooring and bathroom wall tiles. 

1. In terms of durability, ceramic tiles outperform their vinyl counterparts

Various types of ceramic bathroom tiles in Bangalore, like those made specifically for use on walls or floors, are some of the most scratch- and wear-resistant surfaces available today. 

2. Tiles made of ceramic are impervious to steam and moisture

Ceramic tiles are moisture and steam-resistant, making them suitable for installation in wet spaces like bathrooms, pools, saunas, and kitchens. They make excellent bathroom walls and floor tiles

3. Tiles made of ceramic can withstand higher temperatures

Tiles made of ceramic are impervious to fire and high temperatures since they are not flammable and do not release toxic by-products when burned. Additionally, they will not get any darker if they come into contact with heat.

4. The effects of time are hardly noticeable on ceramic tiles

Ceramic is an exceptionally resilient substance that does not transform or degrade with the passage of time, making ceramic tiles a durable and time-tested choice for even the most high-traffic areas of your home. While other materials, such as natural stone, might darken or fade after prolonged UV exposure, ceramic tiles retain their original shade and polish.

5. Ceramic surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily and do not stain

To sum it up, ceramic tiles are clean, stain-resistant, and simple to maintain. Ceramic is watertight, non-absorbent, and bacteria-resistant. Ceramics are very chemically inert as well.  Warm water is all that is needed for daily cleaning, but harsh cleaning chemicals are safe to use on ceramic tiles.  

While warm water is all that’s really needed for normal cleaning, ceramic tiles may potentially be treated using more robust products. However, if a more thorough cleaning is required, you may safely use harsh chemicals and tools like high-pressure cleansers and brushes without fear of damaging your surfaces.

6. There is no better material for a heated floor than ceramic tile

Due to their high heat conductivity, ceramic tiles work wonderfully as heating technologies for floors and as bathroom wall tiles. This capability surpasses that of conventional insulating substances, which just serve to block the flow of heat.

7. There is a wider range of sizes to choose from while shopping for ceramic tiles

When compared to other cladding options, ceramic tiles provide a far wider range of sizes and forms. As with the main body, they come with many optional extras and embellishments. Due to their adaptability, ceramic tiles in Bangalore may be used to satisfy any aesthetic or functional need. Because of this, they are the best option for completing any project, no matter how complicated.

8. They are easy on the environment

Throughout their lifespan, ceramic tiles have a low environmental impact.

Since the manufacturing process of every kind of ceramic tile is inherently healthy and environmentally benign, you can feel good about installing it in your home. 

9. There are no volatile chemicals released from ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles don’t give out volatile organic compounds because of the way they’re made and the resources they’re made from. Their inertness indicates that they will not react with any chemical or compound element. 

Therefore, they will not release any compounds that might be hazardous to the environment or humans during their installation, when they cover your walls and floors or during their eventual removal.

10. Ceramic tiles can withstand cold and other weather extremes

Outdoor installations of porcelain stone tiles are safe against frost and other weather extremes. You may avoid the chipping, breaking, and other difficulties that frost and moisture bring to many other materials by selecting the appropriate item for your planned usage concerning non-slip qualities, glaze, finish, and installation method. With that, consider the advantages of using ceramic tiles as bathroom wall tiles and flooring.


To Sum Up

As suggested above, ceramic tiles are ideal for your bathroom walls and floors. They are versatile and complement all kinds of interior designs. Explore Katta Ceramics’ mindfully-curated collection of bespoke contemporary tiles, and find the best ceramic tiles in Bangalore

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