The Best Brands for Luxury Bathroom Faucets

Steel faucet in the interior of a modern bathroom with a window.

As bathrooms bring elegance to your home, it is always encouraged to devote a little bit extra time and thought to them. The market for luxury bathroom taps as well as sanitary products is growing constantly in India. People seek  products that are elegant, long-lasting, and reasonably priced.

Even so, there are dozens of faucet manufacturers that produce bathroom fixtures in India, but only a select handful have established their superiority.

Therefore, it is crucial to instal bathroom fixtures from the ideal bathroom fitting brand to give your bathroom an opulent and timeless appearance.

Featured Bathroom Faucet Collections

Here are the best brands of luxury bathroom faucets.


Hindware has established itself as a renowned Indian sanitary ware as well as faucet brand. They have an Italian collection as well as Hindware Art which seamlessly  provide a touch of class to your bathroom. Pick from a variety of styles and finishes to create the ideal appearance for your bathroom. Glamour, Geometry, Urban, and Neo Classic collections are all meticulously curated, designer, and themed collections for your particular preferences.

Elevate your look with the Glamour collection, or go for sleek lines and subtle shapes with the Geometry collection. The Urban line is modern and sophisticated, while the Neo Classic collection is a timeless range. They also have a water-saving bathroom faucets that save up to 52% of water, allowing for decreased water use while retaining a high quality level.


Jaquar offers a diverse range of artfully designed showers, sanitary products, and bathtubs. They are well-known for their faucets, which provide are also part of their complete bathroom solutions.

The continental luxury bathroom taps are among the most popular since they provide the right blend of style, durability, and convenience that every user seeks. With its superior efficiency and eye-catching styles, Jaquar faucet taps deliver a pleasant cleansing experience.

With their extensive selection of shower faucets, sanitary taps, and modern washbasin taps, including luxury taps, Jaquar has a fantastic selection of bathroom faucets, featuring bathroom mixer taps as well as bathroom tap sets. Some popular Jaquar faucet collections include Opal Prime, Ornamix Prime, Lyric, and Kubix-F.

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Manish Malhotra designed an eponymous bathroom suite series for Hindware and developed the ultra-premium bathware brand Alchymi. Alchymi, a label that represents “Style meets Craft,” is set to thrill those seeking elegance and modern designs.

Alchymi has developed a line of well-designed bathroom faucets that aim to define the future era of super-luxurious bathrooms. It all stems from its FloSense design philosophy, which emphasises the ideal blend of the finest materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and the finest technology.

Manish Malhotra curated Alchymi pieces in the Hindware Design Studio, so his aesthetic sensibility and flair are reflected in them. Your search for designer bathroom faucets near me ends with Alchymi!


Oyster faucets and bathroom fixtures have an elevated appearance while still being useful. Oyster has been a bathroom industry pioneer since its inception in 2003. The objective of the brand is to meet the demands of current consumers by designing faucets that are both unique and functional.

Oyster bath fixtures aim to reinvent and improve the way you enjoy washing. Luxury health goods have lately acquired favour among customers, and Oyster Bath fixtures, particularly their bathroom faucets, reflect this trend. The premium brand continually offers new collections of faucets and accessories that are inventive and diversified, catering to today’s aesthetic tastes.


Queo faucets are developed to boost the subtle grandeur of any bath area by combining diverse designs, creative styles, materials, and finishing to create a masterpiece that thrills the senses. With three distinct collections to pick from, the faucets are uniquely tailored to your home’s decor as well as aesthetic vision.

Queo faucets are available in a variety of finishes as well as colours, so you can rest assured that you will discover something fitting for your bathroom’s aesthetic.


For the modern homeowner, Viking offers the most cutting-edge and artistically stunning bathroom and faucets. The best bathroom fixtures and fittings are available from Viking, from the most traditional faucets to the finest. You can rely on the quality and durability of every Viking product, not just the faucets.

The brand specialises in producing high-end bathroom items that excel in terms of design, creativity, and current aesthetics. Along with faucets and faucet accessories, grab trails, towel poles, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, water heater accessories, and other items are also available.


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