Things To Look For When Buying A Basin Mixer Tap


Basin mixer taps are integral components of a modern kitchen or a bathroom. If you are building your bathroom or kitchen and looking for some modern appliances, you can buy a mixer tap. A basin mixer tap will add elegance and a sophisticated look to your kitchen or bathroom. But it is essential to research well before buying a basin tap as there are a lot of factors that one needs to consider.

It is not just about buying a basin tap that looks good, but it is essential to select one that serves your purpose. Before diving further into this topic, let us first understand what a basic mixer tap is.

What is a basin mixer tap?

While a regular tap can only provide water at moderate temperature, a basin mixer tap allows you to adjust the temperature and tune it according to your convenience. The mixer tap allows you to control the flow of water along with the temperature of the water. This tap also looks sleek and contemporary and perfectly fits into a modern kitchen.

They also save the money needed to change the temperature of water by external heating or cooling; thus, they are more economical. Basin mixer taps are also incredibly versatile; you can install them in your kitchen and bathroom or even add a shower mixer, allowing you to switch between the tap and the shower attachment.

Let us now understand the different types of basin mixer taps:

Type of basin mixer tap:

There are wide varieties of basin mixer taps available in the market; these taps differ in size and number of levers. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Wall-mounted mixer taps: It saves space and is mainly used for small spaced washrooms/kitchens.
  2. Small basin tap: Best for small basins in kitchen or washrooms, where a standard size or tall basin mixer tap will be inconvenient to use.
  3. Concealed basin tap: One of the most elegant-looking mixer taps, in which the front part, including the lever and spout, are exposed while the rest of the part is hidden underneath the wall. Like the wall-mounted mixer tap, these basin taps also save up space.
  4. Single lever basin mixer: It has only one lever through which all functions can be performed, including adjusting the flow or controlling the temperature of the water.
  5. Tall basin mixer: Perfect for larger washroom basins, they are easier to maintain and clean.

Let us now see what things to look for in a basic mixer tap:

What things to look for when buying a basin mixer tap?

Here is a list of things to check before you buy a basin mixer tap:

  1. Easy to use: Make sure the basin mixer tap you buy is convenient so the kids or older people in your home can easily use it.
  2. Size: You should buy a mixer tap that fits your basin perfectly while leaving space to accommodate the faucet handles.
  3. Fit for your kitchen: Make sure the tap you are getting compliments your kitchen sink; if you have a top-mounted sink, a short-neck tap would be very difficult to use; you have to install a long-necked tap to complement the sink. If you have a wall-mounted basin, the tap should also be wall-mounted. If your basin has three holes, go with three-hole mixer taps. If it has a single hole, one-hole mixer taps should be used.
  4. Material of the tap: The tap can be made up of different materials, namely:
    • Stainless steel basin mixer: They are very durable and sleek looking.
    • Steel basin mixers: They are cheap and durable.
    • Brass basin mixers: They do not rust, crack or disintegrate.
  5. Warranty: You should check for the warranty of the mixer as getting it fixed or replaced in case of damage or malfunction will be a lot easier if it has a warranty. Most basin mixer has a warranty of 1 to 5 years, depending on the brand.
  6. Tap Finish: Choose a tap that compliments the sink and surrounding areas in style, colour, and aesthetics.
  7. Price: If you are on a tight budget, you can go with the older models. However, it is recommended to buy the latest model as it is equipped with the newest technology and looks sleek.


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