Tips for Choosing the Right Wash Basin for your Bathroom


Designers and builders today put in extensive effort to provide you with the finest contemporary bathroom possible. A beautiful wash basin can provide a stunning, modern, luxurious, or vintage look to your bathroom and is undoubtedly an integral part of its design and appeal.

Whether a certain type of sink is the best choice for your bathroom or not solely depends on your space’s design, color scheme, and other factors. This blog is an in-depth resource for those looking to get a new wash basin for their bathroom.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before typing ‘wash basin showroom near me into your search bar!

The size of your bathroom matters significantly.

Depending on the layout of the bathroom, you may choose a wash basin that best fits your needs. Corner basins are the most space-efficient choice for compact bathrooms. On the other hand, pedestal basins and vanity basins are viable options for spacious bathrooms.

Determine the optimal bathroom sink size.

The size of a bathroom wash basin is not standardized. Consider the layout of your bath and the aesthetic you want to achieve when deciding on a basin size. A small, space-saving basin is ideal for a cloakroom.

There is a far wider range of sink sizes available if you need to install one in a sizable family bathroom. If you’re considering installing a countertop sink, measure both your vanity and the sink to ensure a seamless fit.

Consider how the wash basin’s design flows with the rest of the bathroom.

You may choose a wash basin of any style, color, or form to complement the design of your bathroom. Choosing a wash basin for your bathroom is an opportunity to showcase not just modern aesthetic sensibilities, but also your own flair. Always double-check with a professional about the specific plumbing requirements and intended location of your wash basin before making a purchase.

Consider the basin’s proximity to the shower and toilet.

Keeping things neat and tidy in the bathroom is essential if you care about its overall appearance. The ideal placement of a bathroom sink is one that does not interfere with the use of the toilet or even the shower.

There are different types of mounting styles available, so choose wisely.

As for the mounting, it varies from basin to basin. Some may be placed atop a unit, while others are wall-mounted. You must also know what kinds of basins are available so that you can choose the best one for your bathroom. Countertop basins, under-counter basins, pedestal basins, semi-recessed basins, and integrated as well as half-pedestal basins are all widely available.

Make the right decision with your faucets.

The sink’s faucet should complement the design of the sink and the rest of the bathroom. There will be several options available for you to select from when it comes to faucets for your wash basin. Any reliable answer to your search ‘a wash basin showroom near me’ will have a robust collection of wash basins to go along with the faucet you desire.

Select the suitable material for your wash basin

Whether you want a rustic, contemporary, or minimalist look in your bathroom, you can achieve it with any of the sink materials available today.

  • Ceramic: Among the many possible options for a bathroom sink, ceramic is by far the most common and well-known. As a result of their wide variety of styles, these basins enjoy widespread popularity. In addition to being low-priced and long-lasting, they are also simple to keep in fine condition.
  • Honed Marble or Stone: Basins with a thick marble or stone surface are simple to identify because of their flawless, crease-free design. They’re also easy to maintain and sport a contemporary, understated style. They made the bathroom appear much more elegant as a result.
  • Glass: Despite their popularity, glass washbasins have special maintenance needs. Only put them in restrooms where you know people will be cautious not to drop anything in the sink. Glass constitutes the list for the most chic “designer wash basin Bangalore” has in the markets today.
  • Resin: Resin is often used for vanity sinks. Resin, in comparison with the other basin materials, is lighter in weight.
  • Brass/Metallic: Brass/Metallic wash basins have a fine finish that makes it look elegant and aesthetic. These go best for tabletop platforms made of Granite, Glass, etc.

To Sum Up

The best wash basin for your needs ultimately depends upon your bathroom’s overall aesthetic and design in addition to your functional needs. Whether you have a hint about your preferences or not, we can help you find the right wash basin.

At Katta Ceramics, we feature a variety of sinks that are sure to complement any bathroom’s design scheme, including designer wash basins in Bangalore. Explore our collection to find out more.

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