Tips for Selecting Best Bathroom Faucets Online


Faucets are a vital part of any bathroom. When selecting a faucet for the bathroom, one needs to consider many factors besides the look and the finish. Understanding which faucet will work best with your bathroom sink and look good with the bathroom interiors is essential. One also needs to consider the faucet’s material and the handle type that will work best for them.

You might have some constrained selection options when replacing a corroded bathroom faucet with a new one. But if you are remodelling your bathroom or building a new one, you would be confronted with a plethora of options you can choose from. Either way, this blog will help you make an informed decision when you are out there to buy the best faucets for your bathroom.

Essential factors to be considered when selecting bathroom faucets:

  1. If you like looking for problem-free performance for an extended period, go for corrosion-resistant faucets in stainless steel or brass. Also, look for faucets with leak-free ceramic disc cartridge valves.
  2. When choosing the base material and valve type for the faucet, it is essential to see where it will be mounted and how many holes are needed for its installation.
  3. You need to look for the visible aspects like the handle, spout, and the faucet’s finish. Faucets are selected, keeping in mind the type of sink on which they will be installed.
    For example, some faucets work well for vessel sinks, some faucet handles are formulated explicitly for arthritic hands, and specific finishes are easier to maintain than others.

It is essential to have a closer look at all these factors before selecting a faucet for your bathroom sink.

Tips for selecting a bathroom faucet:

1. Look for the hole configuration for the faucet:

When purchasing a faucet, the hole configuration is the first thing you must consider. Faucets are generally of three types :

  • Single Hole Faucet: It is a single-piece design with both the hot and cold lines of water into a single handle mounted at the top of the faucet. These faucets are easy to use and inexpensive.
  • 3-Hole Widespread Faucets: A 3-hole faucet is designed for countertops that have three holes. The far-left and far-right holes are pre-drilled for hot and cold-water settings, while the middle hole is designated for the water spout.
    3-Hole Widespread Faucets: A 3-hole faucet is designed for countertops that have three holes. The far-left and far-right holes are pre-drilled for hot and cold-water settings, while the middle hole is designated for the water spout.
  • 3 Hole Centerset Faucets: These are concise in structure compared to a three-hole widespread faucet with three valves in a single piece body. These centre-set faucets are generally 6 inches wide or wide enough to cover three predrilled holes that are 4 inches apart.

2. Pick a design:

Once you have finalized the hole configuration, the next step is to select the design and style of the faucet. One can choose a traditional-looking faucet with lots of curves and details or a modern-looking contemporary faucet that looks sleek and minimalistic. Select a design that matches your bathroom interiors. In 3-hole configuration, traditional style faucets are more common; however, a sleek and contemporary faucet will suffice for a single-hole configuration.

3. Choose a finish for your faucet:

Picking the right finish would be easy. One can go for the standard finishes like Chrome & Brushed Nickel. Chrome is one of the most affordable and widely available finishes. Other premium finishes are Polished Nickel, Bronze finish, and matte black or brushed brass.

4. Choose a brand:

Once you have finalized a finish, the next step is to decide on a brand that can cater to the specific style and finish. There are dozens of brands available in the market. Staying with reputable brands is recommended to ensure better quality faucets.

5. Make the final decision:

Once you have decided on all the prerequisites, like the hole configuration, design, finish and brand, the last step is to visit the store and make a final choice. Go for the faucet that meets all the prerequisites and fits your budget.


Faucets are not just utilitarian products that adjust to the water temperature and flow but are a vital part of any bathroom interior. The selection of suitable faucets can improve the aesthetics of your bathrooms.

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