Tips, Ideas & Buying Guide for Bathroom Faucets


There’s more to consider than what pleases the eyes when picking a faucet for a wash basin. While aesthetics are certainly essential, you should also take into account how the faucet will fit in your sink, what materials are used, what kind of handle will work best for you, and so on.

The guide to buying the right basin faucets that we have provided here will assist you in making an educated choice.

Choosing The Right Bathroom Faucets

There are certain aspects that you must consider when selecting faucets for your bathroom. Let’s take a look at these below.

The Material And Construction Of The Faucets

Faucets made from high-quality materials like solid brass- whether forged or cast- or stainless steel- grade 304 or 316- will serve you well for many years. Zinc alloy faucets don’t hold up as well as other types.

Faucets made of plastic are much more prone to breaking down over time. Lubricant-free cartridges, brass or stainless steel stems, and brass, stainless steel, or aluminum housings are telltale signs of high-quality ceramic disc cartridges.

You also have the option of choosing a sensor tap for the wash basin, which is an efficient path to take.

Varieties of Faucet Installation

You may connect a sink faucet to the water supply by installing it beneath the counter, on the wall, on the floor, or even on the deck. A basin faucet’s design is determined by its mount, hole arrangement, spout, handle, and finish.

Consider The Hole Counts of One, Two, and Three

The number of holes that your basin currently has influences the choice of the faucet that you have to get. Check thoroughly before looking for a faucet.

The Drain and Water Supply

The height and protrusion of the spout of the faucet should be considered to ensure that it visually complements the sink. The length of a spout may be any form, from a normal right angle to an extremely long gooseneck. The length of the spout’s reach, from its connection to the faucet to its tip over the sink, is the spout projection. Ideally, the spout’s tip should point directly down into the drain.

There are other spout options beyond the standard straight and swivel varieties, including the beautiful channel spout, which is included with this faucet, and the broader waterfall spout.

Varieties of Handles for Bathroom Sinks

Faucets typically have either a cross, knob, or lever handle, but others may even be controlled entirely by touch – you can also choose a sensor tap for the wash basin. Check the clearance you’ll need in front of the backsplash for the faucet’s handle before making a purchase.

Know Your Faucet Finish Options

The sink’s faucet may be transformed from plain to opulent by applying a shiny coating. In contrast to nonreactive stainless steel, reactive base materials like brass need a treatment to prevent tarnishing. Typical methods of finishing include electroplating, powder coating, and physical vapor deposition.

Although heavily and precisely hand-plated and hand-polished treatments may equal them in durability and cost, PVD finishes are generally regarded as superior and reasonably eco-friendly for basin faucets. Nickel, Chrome, Brass, Bronze, Stainless, and Matt are a few of the finishes. Many of them come in polished and brushed (also called satin) versions as well as light and dark ones. To find the right tone for you, you might want to have a quick chat with the experts in our store.

Design Tip: Combining Several Kinds Of Detailing

Choosing multiple types of finishes for the bathroom may easily go wrong and end up appearing chaotic if not done properly. In these and many other ways, an interior decorator is invaluable. Using a combination of metals in a clever and harmonious manner may help bring together seemingly unrelated parts.

Assess The Guarantees and Dependability

You may research the quality and customer service of a certain faucet by reading internet reviews, checking the ratings in consumer publications, or asking a professional plumber for advice. What is and isn’t covered by the warranty on the faucet’s construction and finish is one way to gauge its quality.

However, it is important to note that the guarantee only applies to the cost of replacement components and not to the cost of labor to have them installed or otherwise repaired.

 To Sum Up

At Katta Ceramics, we are here to showcase our carefully-curated range of premium faucets brought to you by only the finest luxury brands. Our vast collection is bound to help you find something that fits your vision, from classic faucets to sensor tap for the wash basin. Get in touch with us and let’s strike a conversation to find the perfect basin faucets for your bathroom!

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