Carysil Kitchen Accessories and Home Solutions in Bangalore

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is only fair for you to desire your kitchen to be a functional and stunning space. You can make your dream kitchen a reality with the aid of Carysil’s design-led aesthetics and state-of-the-art engineering.

Carysil’s products adhere to the strictest safety regulations and are designed with your comfort and the environmental impact of the products in mind. You can bring out the best chef in you, knowing that your kitchen will be in safe hands with Carysil.

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Buy Carysil Kitchen Faucets, Taps, Dishwashers and More: Discover All Our Products

The premium home solutions brand is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel kitchenware and appliances. Their specialities include Carysil kitchen chimneys, sinks, faucets, food waste disposer units, ovens, wine coolers, and Carysil dishwashers.

At Katta Ceramics, we have curated a thoughtful range of the finest products offered by the kitchen accessories and home solutions leader. Whether you need a classy Carysil kitchen sink to complement your contemporary walls, matching Carysil taps with your basin, or a whole new kitchen chimney- we have you covered.

Katta Ceramics has been a leader in Bangalore’s kitchen accessories and home solutions market for the last 35 years. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, catalysed by our contemporary and modern bathroom and kitchen product collections that strive for elegant interiors. Browse our catalogue to discover more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Carysil Kitchen Accessories?

The company is a leading producer of kitchen accessories not just in India but also globally. The brand’s products, like Carysil sink accessories or Carysil coffee systems, comply with the most stringent safety laws and are developed with your comfort and the influence the products will have on the environment in mind throughout the design process.

Are all sinks available in left-hand and right-hand drainer format?

The drainboard in a Carysil kitchen sink may be set up on either the left or right side of the sink, depending on which way you stand in front of it. Most sinks have a drainboard on the right side of the unit. There are dummy punches for you to use while you decide the best set-up for the most efficient functionality in your kitchen.

Can I fit a Waste Disposal Unit in my Carysil sink?

A food waste disposer may be installed beneath the sink discretely due to its small size. It is simple to set up in a brand new or preexisting kitchen and adaptable to a wide variety, if not all, of Carysil basin models.

What is the guarantee on Carysil sinks? How do I make a claim under guarantee?

For five years after the purchase date, Acrysil guarantees that its Carysil sinks will not have any material or construction flaws. Within the specified warranty term, if any such Carysil sink is found to be faulty. You may get a free replacement from Acrysil at the store where you made your original purchase. If you have any questions or issues after placing an order with us, please don’t hesitate to contact the specialists at Katta Ceramics.

Can I still get spare parts for discontinued Carysil kitchen taps?

The availability of spare parts for discontinued taps depends upon their make and model. If you contact the support staff at Carysil or get in touch with our experts at Katta Ceramics, you may still be able to find spare parts for Carysil kitchen faucets that are no longer in the collections.

Is water pressure critical when I choose a particular Carysil tap?

There are a wide variety of taps available, and each of them has its optimal water pressure that must be met for optimal use. Since the high water pressure is compatible with any tap, you may choose from a wide selection, including the trendy Carysil mixer tap. There are low-pressure taps available in case your home is equipped with a water system that cannot handle high water demand.

What size taphole cutout do I need for my Carysil tap?

You should drill at least 22 millimeters in diameter for the most common taps and spouts. Most monobloc mixer taps, which may be used with either a hot or cold water supply, need a hole in your sink that is at least 32 millimeters in diameter.

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