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High-Quality Designer Bathroom Faucets

Faucets that transcend ordinary utility, guided by a team with over 35 years of experience in the market. That is what Katta Ceramics can offer you.

The faucets by Katta Ceramics encapsulate sophisticated elegance. Create the luxurious bathroom of your imagination with Katta designer bathroom faucets. Our selection of luxury bathroom taps and faucets is striking in design, style, and finish. Your relaxing baths and showers are bound to become even better and more alluring.


Best Mixer Bathroom Taps for Sinks, Tubs & Showers

Katta Ceramics offers bathroom faucets with the best designs, materials, and technology. Our bespoke collection offers taps to match the latest bathroom ceramics and your personal style. Choose from a variety of sink and tub faucet styles. We carry mixer, wall-mounted, sink and bath taps. Our faucet collections from Jaquar, Hindware, Viking, and more are superior in appearance and function.

Mixer taps are more streamlined than hot and cold faucets. They may have modern or traditional arch edges. Combining hot water into a single stream helps you get the ideal temperature you prefer.

Latest Collection of Bathroom Faucet/Taps at Katta Ceramics

Katta Ceramics has the newest bathroom water tap options. Our collection features modern designs by top brands. Find what you need to match your style, expectations, and bathroom architecture. How can we help? Let us know. Your search for “bathroom taps near me” ends here. 

Replace your outdated faucets with one of our modern bathroom taps to revamp your bathroom. You have more bathroom water tap options than just traditional chrome. Daring materials and colors can make your bathroom stand out. This applies to modern or traditional bathrooms. You’re here if you appreciate elegant bathroom decor and high-quality faucets and fittings.

Upgrading the showerheads, fittings, and faucets in your house is an essential step to take if you contemplate carrying out a home renovation project. The visual and practical appeal of your bathroom may be quickly improved with the installation of an attractively designed faucet set. 

Check out the many different designs, kinds, water spray patterns, and finishes that are available, and choose the ones that will work best in the area you have. You have access to a wide variety of choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bathroom faucet to purchase?

Mixer taps are generally the best option to purchase, due to their superior functionality and water preservation features. Brands like Hindware, Jaquar, Oyster, and Viking have slotted discs under a single handle; they can adjust the flow to regulate the amount of water flowing through them. They’re regarded as high-quality and don’t need much maintenance. Contact us for remodelling your bathroom faucets.

What is the standard bathroom faucet?

The centres of the vast majority of faucets measure anywhere from 4 to 16 inches, with broad faucets commonly averaging between 6 and 8 inches as well as centre-set faucets averaging 4 inches. If your sink or basin has just one pre-drilled hole for a faucet, you will need a single hole faucet that has a handle attached to it in order to use it properly. Contact us for remodelling your bathroom faucets.

What is the easiest faucet finish to maintain?

The bathroom sink faucets or shower finish that is the easiest of all to maintain is brushed nickel. The moisture in the air may cause it to take on a milky appearance, but it doesn’t need to be cleaned very often. Brushed nickel may not be as durable as other finishes, but unlike other finishes, it does not reveal smudges or fingerprints as quickly. Contact us for remodelling your bathroom faucets.

What should I look for when buying a bathroom faucet?

A bathroom’s personality and style may be greatly influenced by the faucet. However, faucets can also serve as an aesthetic focal point. Things like longevity, low maintenance, and user-friendliness are more important. Bathroom tap price is a reasonably decent indication of a product’s quality, but it is not the only reliable factor. Consider the ease of cleaning when choosing a faucet for a bathroom. Katta Ceramics offers spot-free finishes to make cleaning a cinch for you. Contact us for remodelling your bathroom faucets.

What are the different types of bathroom faucets?

There are typically four distinct types of faucets: compression faucets, ball faucets, disc faucets, and ball faucets. Understanding your needs is the first step in selecting the optimal bathroom fixture. Contact us for remodelling your bathroom faucets.

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