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Queo Sanitaryware Wash Basin 6
Queo Sanitaryware Wash Basin 7
Queo Sanitaryware Wash Basin 8
Queo Sanitaryware Wash Basin 9
Queo Sanitaryware Wash Basin 10
Queo Sanitaryware Wash Basin 11
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Queo Bathroom Fittings and Faucets in Bangalore

Katta Ceramics provides a wide selection of Queo sanitaryware and faucets. Every piece in this luxury brand’s collection is characterized by rounded lines in devotion to refined aesthetics and emphasis on simplicity. They achieve this through world-class craftsmanship and a generous use of chrome plating! Their elegant collection includes sink mixers, shower and bathtub mixers, and four-way diverters designed for hidden or exposed installations.

Contemporary minimalism is exemplified by Queo bathroom fittings. The collection showcases the finest examples of sumptuous design and contemporary notions of pleasure. Their array of ceramic sanitaryware, with rounded forms and flowing contours, are great for creating a stunning focal point in a contemporary bathroom. 

Each item in our line of Queo faucets and sanitaryware embodies the brand’s “simple yet luxurious” design philosophy.

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Buy Queo Sanitaryware, Toilets, Wash Basins, Diverters & More at Katta Ceramics

Along with their fashionable style, these products are of the greatest quality and are highly durable. 

Bathroom design, decoration, and style are significant to us since bathrooms are private areas. In response, we offer a range of modern, visually beautiful sanitary fittings that may be fitted in your bathroom to improve its appearance and meet your demands in terms of design and aesthetics. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Queo a luxury brand?

Queo is a luxury sanitaryware brand manufactured by Barwood UK. HSIL Ltd is the only licensee for the import and sale of Queo in India.

Is Queo service free?

We, at Katta Ceramics, will take care of every service requirement that you may have with regard to your Queo bathroom fittings from our collection. Reach out to us for support.

How do you clean a Queo wash basin?

To keep your Queo wash basin attractive and stylish, regular care is essential. Soap residue and hard water are two of the most typical causes of discoloration on the wash basin. To reduce stain accumulation, clean the wash basin on a regular basis.

Use a gentle sponge to clean the wash basin. Keep in mind that ceramic is brittle. Abrasive-edged scratchpads might scratch and damage your Queo basin. The best technique to clean your washbasin is determined by the stains to be removed. If you find rust spots on your wash basin, use vinegar or lemon juice to remove them. If your wash basin has hard water stains, use baking soda to remove them.

After washing the sink, carefully disinfect it since it might become a breeding ground for bacteria. Leading health organizations advocate sodium hypochlorite for surface disinfection. It kills germs on frequently touched surfaces while also guarding against pathogenic pathogens. Always test in a small spot first, and always follow the usage and appropriate surfaces instructions on the box.

Does Queo sanitaryware have warranty coverage?

Yes, Queo offers warranty coverage for all its products. However, it may vary for different products and selections, so you can get in touch with us at Katta Ceramics for clarity.

What should I use to clean my Queo bath fittings & accessories?

The best way to clean your washbasin can change depending on the kind of stain. If you see rust stains on your sink, use vinegar or lemon juice to remove them. If hard water has discolored your sink, try baking soda to remove the marks. It is critical to disinfect the sink after cleaning it since it may quickly become a breeding ground for germs.

Queo recommends disinfecting surfaces with sodium hypochlorite for their ceramic items; it guards against dangerous microorganisms and destroys bacteria on regularly handled surfaces. Follow the acceptable surface cleaning directions on the container, and always do a test in a small, out-of-the-way area first.

Are Queo faucets available in different colors other than chrome?

Queo has introduced various new finishes for their products. They are also available in matte black, chrome, chrome black, matte white, dark brushed nickel, and gold finishes and look great in the most fashionable bathrooms.

What do you mean by ‘Queo complete bathing solutions’?

Queo offers Complete Bathroom Solutions, enabling you to create your own bathroom design. Get hands-on experience with what you’re going to construct; learn about all of the essentials for your own bathroom.

Queo bathing solutions offer everything a bathroom aficionado might desire via its most trusted global brand. This is for those who value having items in their bathrooms that are attractively designed and perfectly manufactured.

Some people like a high-quality selection of bathroom fixtures that complement one another. For such connoisseurs, Queo has produced synchronized designs that flow throughout – from Queo body jets to sinks, showers to tubs, ceramics to accessories, and more: items that enable bathrooms to make an excellent impression with their finely matched aesthetics and complement their style.

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