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Reginox is at the forefront of the worldwide Kitchen products market because of its dedication to innovation and ethical manufacturing techniques. Reginox also understands the importance of aesthetics and is highly skilled at producing exquisite stainless-steel works of art for your kitchen. Reginox faucets, sinks, and other accessories are made using cutting-edge deep drawing technology and the highest quality stainless steel.

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Reginox Drain Set, Sinks & Tapware and More

The name Reginox has been synonymous with quality kitchenware for over 39 years. At Katta Ceramics, we understand the requirements of our customers and the standards set by industry experts, and we strive to meet those demands with both unique and reliable goods.

With our Reginox collections, we blend veteran status with reliable service. Stainless steel kitchen products and accessories like the Reginox soap dispenser and appliances are a speciality of a premium home solutions company. Find our store to explore, or visit our online catalogue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean Reginox granite sinks?

Although spills won’t soak in because of the material’s nonporous surface, it’s best to clean them up immediately with a gentle sponge and dish soap. After washing the area, pat it dry with a microfiber towel.

What can I do to keep my sink unit hygienically clean?

Here are some easy tips that can be useful.

  • Repeated daily cleaning is required.
  • Use tape that prevents mould growth to safeguard the sink.
  • Always use a drain tray while washing dishes.
  • Do not let food get accumulate in the sink.
  • Get organized with a sink caddy.

How can I remove rusty spots from my sink unit?

Mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste that you may use to treat the areas. Cleanse with a toothbrush and microfiber cloth and wash with clean water after allowing the mixture to rest overnight. For mild stains, clean the affected area using the rough side of a slightly wet sponge or scouring pad.

What is the warranty on my Reginox sink unit?

A Reginox sink unit is a unit that is trouble-free. Every stainless-steel sink has a lifetime guarantee! The Regi-granite series also has a 10-year guarantee, while the Regi-ceramics and Regi-color series each have a 5-year warranty. This guarantee excludes the trash kit, strainer basket, or kitchen accessories.

Are all sinks available in left-hand and right-hand drainer format?

The drainboard in a Reginox kitchen sink may be set up on either the left or right side of the sink, depending on which way you stand in front of it. Most sinks have a drainboard on the right side of the unit. There are dummy punches for you to use while you decide the best set-up for the most efficient functionality in your kitchen.

Can I still get spare parts for discontinued Reginox taps?

The availability of spare parts for discontinued taps depends upon their make and model. If you contact the support staff at Reginox or get in touch with our experts at Katta Ceramics, you may still be able to find spare parts for kitchen faucets that are no longer in the collections.

Is water pressure critical when I choose particular Reginox tapware?

There are a wide variety of taps available, and each of them has its optimal water pressure that must be met for optimal use. Since the high water pressure is compatible with any tap, you may choose from a wide selection. There are low-pressure taps available if your home is equipped with a water system that cannot handle high water demand.

What size taphole cutout do I need for my Reginox faucets?

It’s recommended that you drill a hole that’s at least 22 millimeters in diameter for most common taps and spouts. Most monobloc mixer taps, which may be used with either a hot or cold water supply, need a hole in your sink that is at least 32 millimeters in diameter.

Why should I use Reginox Kitchen Accessories?

Reginox has been a trusted brand in the kitchen industry for over 39 years. They have an intimate understanding of their target market and the demands of industry experts, allowing them to meet those targets with cutting-edge goods proactively. Reginox blends veteran status with reliable service.

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