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Leading Premium and Designer Tile Shop in Bangalore

Tiles are a sure-fire method for generating beautiful, long-lasting effects if you want your property to have immediate curb appeal. Tiles, which are available at Katta Ceramics in a variety of materials, forms, patterns, colours, and styles, can create a contemporary, classy, and striking aesthetic- whether they are used to cover a whole room, a decorative border, or a single feature wall.

Katta Ceramics has revolutionised the Indian interior design and tile industry for over 35 years. We are the go-to destination for a wide variety of ceramic tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, and cutting-edge tile solutions. Our collection of designer tiles Bangalore range is the finest in the current market. 

Designer Tiles

Premium Tiles Collection at Katta Ceramics

We provide complete modern decor options and have a full awareness of the people’s ever-changing needs and fashions. Our devotion to innovation, premium craftsmanship, and inventive design remain unrivalled in the industry. This is shown by our expertise in all elements of tile design, be it bathroom, wall, or kitchen tile design.

Katta Ceramics provides limitless design alternatives for the development of your perfect living spaces. We offer the finest tiles in Bangalore from the greatest modern brands.

Choose The Right Tiles, Every Time!

Your residence displays your individuality. Our variety of wall and floor tiles will accompany you in identifying and accentuating your home with clean, modern designs. If you are contemplating a house renovation, Katta Ceramics‘ tiles in Bangalore are among the best options to consider. Give your house a makeover that is both visually pleasing and effectively defines your living areas.


Best Place to Buy Tiles in Bangalore

Our goal to offer you bespoke tiles serves as the basis for the development of our collection, while your input enables us to recreate excellence on new terms. Our product offerings are the result of techniques that combine the sophistication of design with the allure of workmanship.

Katta Ceramics has compiled a collection of designer tiles from the industry’s top names. You are likely to discover the ideal match for your rooms, elevating your mood at arrival.

Designer Tiles With Modern Design

The modern design tile collection selected by Katta Ceramics is distinguished by its sobriety, diverse sizes, and refined hues. A tasteful modern floor or wall created using our tiles can be identified by the technical and artistic beauty and refinement of its surface contributes significantly to the flavour and allure of the space.

No matter what premium tile from our selection of the greatest brands you choose, you can be confident that it will be of the highest quality. The exceptional technical characteristics of all of our tiles, whether ceramic, porcelain, or others, remain robust, durable, and uncontested in every instance.

The majority of our ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles are resistant to scratches and stains, and they retain their beauty over time. They are simple to maintain and a multitude of possibilities in our contemporary collection is also water-resistant, so you can securely install them in bathrooms and kitchens – even in a pool – to achieve the modern architectural pleasure you’ve always desired.

Katta Ceramics utilises only the finest materials, resulting in a collection of tiles that are real design areas, with patterns and hues developed to perceive and anticipate the newest modern style trends.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Sanitaryware

Which tile is best for the floor?

Vitrified designer tiles are the ideal option for flooring since they are resilient and can endure high foot activity. To prevent slips, it is advisable to use a matte finish and anti-skid tiles for outdoor areas.

Which tiles are best for walls?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are suitable for use on walls because they are impermeable or do not collect stains. A quick web search, best tiles shop near me, may help you find us for suitable wall tiles.


Which colour is best for floor tiles?

Excellent options are beige, cream, white, and lighter colours of grey and blue are excellent choices.  Consider generating a sensation of airiness and openness in your bathrooms. Choose neutral-coloured floor tiles design in mild tones for this purpose. It is recommended to use tiles of the same colour to make a bathroom look bigger.

Which is the best quality tiles?

The first stage is determining which tiles are required. For example, if you’re considering your floor, you may choose vitrified tiles since they are somewhat more robust, have incredible lifespan, are simple to maintain, and meet the requirements of high-traffic areas. The majority of people like ceramic and porcelain wall tiles because they are impermeable and resistant to stains.


How is wall tile different from floor tile?

To endure footfall, appliances, furniture, and more, floor tiles are made thicker and tougher. The majority have extra texture to prevent slippage. Wall tile is often thinner, smoother, and more fragile. It is also much more slippery when wet, hence, wall tile is not advised for use underfoot.


What to consider before buying tiles?

Here are some tips to keep in mind and work with:

  • Calculate the budget.
  • Measure the number of tiles.
  • Choose the materials suitable for your needs.
  • Pay close attention to the tones and hues of the tiles you are considering.
  • Determine the tile size.
  • Choose the finish.
  • Select the grout.

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