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Buy Designer Floor Tiles in Bangalore, Karnataka

Welcome to our community, whether you are new to contemporary design, or an established aficionado. As a hub for all modern floor tile designs, we have curated an assortment of premium tiles for every colour palette and taste. 

We are redefining the world of contemporary ceramics and decor with uniquely crafted, bespoke pieces. At Katta Ceramics, you will certainly discover the best-kept secret in modern architecture: our designer tiles. 


Best Floor Tile Design Collection for Bathroom

Katta Ceramics has redefined the Indian interior decor and tile market for over 35 years, making it the go-to place for a broad selection of ceramic tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, sanitaryware, bathroom fittings, and cutting-edge tile laying solutions. 

We provide comprehensive contemporary decor solutions and have a thorough understanding of the market’s ever-changing demands and trends. Our superior workmanship, innovative design, and commitment to innovation remain unmatched in the industry. This is shown by our proficiency in all aspects of floor tile design, bathroom, wall, and kitchen tile design. 

Katta Ceramics offers unrestricted design options for the creation of your ideal living environments. Find the best floor tiles Bangalore can offer, from the best brands, at Katta Ceramics. 

Largest Collection of Designer Floor Tiles at Katta Ceramics

Our vision provides the foundation for growth, and your insight allows us to re-create greatness on new terms. Our product lines are the outcome of methods that blend the richness of design with the appeal of craftsmanship. 

Katta Ceramics has curated a range of designer tiles, handpicked from the best brands in the industry. You are certain to find the right fit for your space, and elevate how you feel when you step in.

Get the Latest Flooring Tiles for Living Room

Your living room reflects your personality. Our selection of living room flooring tiles may help you choose clean, contemporary patterns with which you can firmly identify and accentuate the look of your house. 

The living room of a home is often where the family gathers and spends time together, where warm social events manifest, too. Additionally, it is the first room one sees while entering your house. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to renovate this area of your home with great attention to detail. 

The tiling in the living room is a significant component of the living room’s overall design since it provides a firm foundation for your entire appearance. If you are considering renovating your living room, the tiles brought to you by Katta Ceramics are among the greatest solutions to consider. Give your home a makeover that is aesthetically beautiful and draws the family together.

Best Tiles for Bathroom Floor

The bathroom is among the most often used common areas of the home. They are places where you enter and wash away your worries with a relaxing shower. If you are interested in transforming this place into your own paradise, we have something for you: exquisite, contemporary, and accessible bathroom floor tiles

The tiles by Katta Ceramics give your bathroom a luxurious and regal appearance while retaining a contemporary aesthetic. Explore our selection of bathroom tiles for your upcoming remodel. From textured tiles to glazed alternatives, non-slip bathroom floor tiles, and beyond, our contemporary, sleek designs are certain to complement and define your bathroom in such a manner that your problems or weariness will evaporate the moment you walk inside. 

Whether you’re searching for modern backsplash tiles or ceramic tiles, our assortment will accommodate your expectations and help you find the best tile for bathroom floor remodelling. Our significant expertise, spanning over 35 years in the sector guarantees that we provide you with the finest from our portfolio of India’s most prestigious brands. You may entrust your bathroom’s aesthetics to Katta Ceramics and enjoy the modern designs, finishes, and usefulness of our tiles.

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Bathroom Tiles: Frequently Asked Questions

Which tile is best for floor?

Vitrified designer tiles are the ideal option for flooring since they are resilient and can endure high foot activity. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are suitable for use on walls because they are impermeable or do not collect stains. To prevent slips, it is advisable to use a matte finish and anti-skid tiles for outdoor areas, and are the best tiles for bathroom floors as well. 

Reasons to choose tiles for the flooring of the house

Floor tiles offer many attractive and useful qualities. They’re versatile and available in many sizes. They are also simple to clean, unlike hardwood or carpet. Repairs and maintenance are seamless as well. Additionally, floor tiles are engineered to resist moisture damage and regular wear. They are also lovely to look at, and in the summer, their surface can repel heat and emit coolness.

What is the best colour for floor tiles?

Excellent options are beige, cream, white, and lighter colours of grey and blue are excellent choices.  Consider generating a sensation of airiness and openness in your bathrooms. Choose neutral-coloured floor tiles design in mild tones for this purpose. It is recommended to use tiles of the same colour to make a bathroom look bigger.

How do I calculate the number of tiles I need for the floor?

Multiply the length of the tile by its width to get the amount in square inches that a single tile will cover. Divide the value by 144 to get the square feet equivalent. Then, divide the total area you need to tile by the tile’s square footage to find how many tiles you require.

Can floor tiles be installed on walls? Or wall tiles on floors?

The majority of the time, wall tiles are not suitable for the floors. They could be too slippery, fragile, or less water-resistant than necessary. While most wall tiles cannot be used on be applied on the floor, most floor tiles may be used on the wall, provided the wall can support the tile’s weight.

Are ceramic floor tiles non-slip?

Porcelain and ceramic can be very slippery but they are also typical materials in use for anti-slip tiles if the design is right. Such tiles have been designed with improved traction in mind. This enhanced traction will lessen the possibility of slipping when they are laid. Anti-slip tiles may also be created from materials with a coarser texture.

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