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Every kitchen is a blank canvas on which you can express your style. When selecting kitchen tiles for your new home, make practical and design-led choices that can add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.  One can choose from a variety of contemporary options available in the market to give their kitchen floor and walls an exclusive and elite appeal. 


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When you are at Katta Ceramics, you can choose from patterned to coloured and geometric to simplistic; there is always a right tile for every kitchen. Select a tile design that reflects your persona and adds a sense of style to your kitchen space. You can let your imagination flow with our kitchen tile options at our store in Bangalore. We have it all under one roof.

Best Kitchen Tiles for Wall and Floor

Kitchens are no longer seen as mere utilitarian spaces; they are dynamic spaces that can evolve to suit the needs and lifestyles of a homeowner. A modern-day kitchen is a space where you can enjoy the art and process of cooking. Design your kitchen to reflect your lifestyle and soothe your senses. Choose the right kitchen tiles for walls and floors to match your kitchen’s colour scheme and design style.        

When deciding on kitchen interiors, it is important to weigh aesthetics against practicality. Tiles are the best and most durable option for kitchen floors. For kitchen floor tiles, look for porcelain or natural stone tiles that are hard-wearing and durable. 

When selecting tiles for kitchen walls, you can choose patterned or textured tiles that complement the flooring and interiors of the kitchen. Ceramic tiles are also widely used in kitchens for their smooth texture. Tiles will help you enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. Whether you want to create a statement or a subtle look for your kitchen, we have tiles to cater to all your needs and desires. 

With Katta Ceramics, choosing the right tile is easy and hassle-free. We understand the choices and needs of modern-day consumers and are here to cater to all of them. With so many colours, styles, and designs to offer, we help add glamour to your kitchen spaces. We are the leading ceramic store in Bangalore and have been serving our consumers for the last 35 years. And we believe in providing our customers with the best quality products and after-sales services. 

Buy luxury and modern kitchen tiles in Bangalore.

We bring a wide range of kitchen tiles to make your kitchen a modern and luxurious space. Our tiles are crafted by the most trusted brands. Our expert team understands your needs and specifications to bring your aesthetic kitchen aspirations to reality. Katta Ceramics is the best store for kitchen tiles in Bangalore

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Bathroom Tiles: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tiles to use in a kitchen?

There are a variety of options that work well for kitchen spaces. However, some widely preferred options are ceramic and porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are more durable and stain resistant than ceramic and are becoming popular among homeowners. When  looking for floor tiles, look for the no-slip tiles to prevent slip and fall accidents in the kitchen. To look at the latest designs, visit our website or our Katta Ceramics store in Bangalore. Our experts will understand your expectations and provide the much-needed guidance to make tile hunting easy for you.

Which colour tiles are best for the kitchen?

For the kitchens, people mostly prefer neutral colour options like white, beige, pale, or light brown to create a calmer vibe. People also prefer wood texture tiles for kitchen floors. To explore all the available colour options, you can visit our website or our Katta Ceramics store in Bangalore.

Which tiles are best for the kitchen wall?

Ceramic tiles are the most preferred option when it comes to tiles for kitchen walls. This is because these tiles have a low moisture absorption rate. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colours and patterns. One can explore the wide range of ceramic tiles on the Katta ceramics website or their store located in Bangalore.

Which tile material is best for the kitchen floor?

Porcelain floor tiles that are made using a mixture of clay and sand are a great tile for kitchen floors. These tiles are harder, denser, and less porous than regular ceramic tiles. We have several porcelain tile options available at our Katta ceramics store. Visit us to explore the available colours and designs in porcelain tiles.

Which tiles are best for the kitchen slab?

Natural stone and porcelain tiles are used for kitchen countertops, as these tiles don’t chip easily. However, these tiles require regular sealing to keep them in good shape for longer. To explore the wide variety of porcelain and natural stone tile, visit our Katta ceramics store.

How to Choose Kitchen Tiles?

Choose the kitchen tiles keeping in mind the style and layout of the kitchen. One should also consider their budget and tile maintenance before making the final tile selection.

To explore the wide variety of kitchen tiles, visit our Katta ceramics website or our store in Bangalore.

What is the difference between kitchen floor tiles and wall tiles?

Floor tiles are generally harder and thicker to withstand more foot traffic, whereas wall tiles are thinner, delicate, and smoother. Floor tiles also have some added texture to reduce the risk of slipping, whereas wall tiles are a glossy and smooth finish. To explore the wide variety of kitchen floor and wall tiles, visit our Katta ceramics website or our store in Bangalore.

Which colour tiles are best for the kitchen floor?

Light-coloured tiles are mostly preferred for kitchen floorings as they give a more prominent and cleaner appearance to your kitchen and complement all kinds of kitchen interiors. To explore the kitchen floor tiles, visit our Katta ceramics website or our store in Bangalore.

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