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Living Room Tiles for Floor and Wall

Your living space reflects your personality and lifestyle. Our carefully curated assortment of living room tiles will assist you in selecting design concepts with which you strongly identify.

In your house, the living room serves as the gathering place for the whole family. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to refurbish this area of your home with great attention to detail. Living room tiles are a significant component of the living room’s overall design since it provides a firm foundation for your entire appearance.

If you are considering renovating your living room, Katta Ceramics living room tiles are among the greatest solutions. Give your home an aesthetically beautiful makeover and draws the family together.


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Katta Ceramics offers a broad selection of living room tiles, including floor tiles and wall claddings. The company has redefined Bangalore’s interior decor and tile sector for many years. Our premium wares are the result of sensitivity to the changing demands of consumers and the market’s dynamism.

When it comes to the tiles in our collection, the superior workmanship, ground-breaking design, and commitment to innovation are unmatched in the industry. This is shown by our proficiency in all aspects of tile design, regardless of whether they are for walls or floors.

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Bathroom Tiles: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tiles for the living room?

You should look for floor and wall tiles that are durable and strong if you want them to last for a long time and assure their endurance. Because of this, porcelain tiles are often regarded as the ideal tile to use for the floor of the living room. Porcelain tiles have a long lifespan, are resistant to slipping, and have exceptional strength. However, you must also consider the decor of your living room before deciding.

What color is suitable for modern living room floor tiles and wall tiles?

The color brown and beige, gray, and amber hues are among the most popular color choices for living room furnishings. To establish a cohesive environment, it is essential to maintain coherence between the style of the flooring and the layout of the furniture in the living room. Such mute tones also help in achieving a more spacious look. 

Is tile a good choice for the living room?

The strong entry of tiles into the living areas is very well appreciated. Tile flooring is highly adaptable to either a contemporary or rustic aesthetic. It depends on the tile design you pick from the vast selection available, from modern tiles for the living rooms to luxurious options. Some tiles may replicate several kinds of wood, including their precise appearance and texture. They may also substitute natural stones such as granite and marble. In addition, they strongly resemble the lately popular concrete. Therefore, the design will likely never be a problem in relation to tiles. Moreover, tiles may be used to create a consistent and attractive surface. In addition, they are exceptionally low maintenance, needing less care than carpets or wood.

How do I choose wall tiles for the living room?

Choosing a distinctive tile pattern for the living room doesn’t have to be difficult. With so many possible choices and adjustments, you are guaranteed to enjoy the process.  Before choosing the final tiles for your living room, you should consider the following:

  • Durability & Maintenance: When picking tiles for the living room, the simplicity of washing and maintenance should come first. This area of the home receives the highest footfall. You should avoid selecting tiles that are susceptible to rapid deterioration.
  • The Atmosphere: The floor tile design and wall tile pattern for your living room should ideally complement the ambiance you want to achieve in your home. If you’re looking for minimalism, choose tiles that adhere to that aesthetic, and if you’re going for maximalism, select tiles that complement that visual style.
  • Add Colour: You don’t have to limit yourself to the standard beige or cream often utilized in houses. If you are somebody who enjoys experimenting, choose something unconventional that complements your personality. The room should recognize you.
  • Evaluate the Furnishings and Paint Colour: If you’ve not already decided on the living room’s furnishings and wall color, you should do so before settling on tiles.

Are white tiles good for the living room?

Yes, white floor or wall tiles are an excellent approach to create the appearance of space in your house. White tiles reflect light, create an airy atmosphere, and add refinement to a space. If you believe white tiles are dull and uninteresting, it is time to think again!

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