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Buy Modern Exterior Floor Tiles for Patio

Best Outdoor Floor Tiles Shop in Bangalore

A well-planned and well-designed deck, terrace, or balcony may create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection and become an ideal place for leisure or hosting companies.

The floor’s style is crucial in the style and aesthetic appeal of such outdoor areas. So, outdoor floor tiles are increasingly chosen in place of the typical mosaic, stone panels, or cement floors. While there are a variety of outdoor tile patterns, the tiles themselves have increased properties such as strength, robustness, excellent aesthetics, and slip-resistance qualities, and they are not affected by direct sunlight fading.

At Katta Ceramics, we can help you take care of all these aspects with our bespoke range of the best outdoor floor tiles. Visit our stores to discover the best outdoor floor tiles shop in Bangalore.


Buy Modern Exterior Floor Tiles for Patio

Even in outdoor areas such as balconies and patios, contemporary and attractive floor tiles are becoming more popular as a design element for flooring applications. Tiles with a modern design are distinguished by their understated aesthetic, generous dimensions, and understated but sophisticated color palettes. 

The technical and artistic refinement, elegance, and elegance of the surface of a modern floor, together with the resource efficacy and depth of its hues, are tell-tale signs of a modern floor. It is elegant in every sense of the word, and it significantly impacts the persona and allure of the space.

Katta Ceramics offers a range of carefully selected modern tiles with different textures, patterns, craftsmanship ideals, and materials to suit all your needs. Browse our range to find out more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of floor tile is best for outdoor use?

Porcelain tiles are among the finest outdoor floor tiles; nevertheless, you have various options to choose from when tiling an outdoor area. Porcelain tiles are among the best outdoor floor tiles. Porcelain is an ideal material to utilize in applications that are exposed to the elements because it is dense and tenacious.

Having said that, you must make it a point to choose non-slip outdoor tiles that have been approved for usage in outdoor settings. The interior porcelain tile that is frequently utilized has a glossy surface, which, if it gets wet, may become rather dangerous because it is so slippery. You should instead work toward the goal of acquiring porcelain tiles that have a surface that has a rough look.

Can you use floor tiles for outside?

The installation of tiled flooring outside is not only feasible but also highly recommended. On the other hand, you will need to ensure that you use the appropriate tiles and carry out a tiling job that is both effective and watertight.

Can tile be used on an outside patio?

Yes, you can. The most common patio floor tiles are porcelain and unique outdoor ceramic tiles. Tiles made of porcelain and ceramic may be used to construct outdoor surfaces such as decks and patios. Both of these types of flooring are very tough and relatively long-lasting thanks to the use of clay that has been shaped into thin sheets and then baked.

Which floor tile is best for the outdoors?

Tiles used on outside floors need to be durable and resist the effects of all types of precipitation. When it comes to the outside walls of Indian houses, stone tile constructions, porcelain tiles, cement tiles, and other types of tiles are regarded as the finest options for outdoor tiling.

Is outdoor floor tile slippery?

The majority of tiles are inherently slippery. When wet conditions are added, however, traction can be significantly reduced. Conditions such as rainfall, melting ice, and snowfall may make tiling even slicker. This may lead to deadly slips and falls if left unchecked.

Consequently, it is essential to pick tiles that have been created expressly for outdoor usage, including non-slip outdoor tiles with excellent traction, such as those from our extensive assortment.

Do outdoor floor tiles require any specific treatment?

Obviously, exterior floor tiles must sometimes battle with severe weather. Depending on the materials, it may render them slick or degrade their quality. Therefore, they need maintenance and care.

If a tile is waterproof, it can tolerate any quantity of water. Waterproof tiles won’t be harmed and won’t fracture or deteriorate in the presence of a spill or flooding.


In contrast, water-resistant tiles contain a coating or are produced such that they can survive a certain amount of water but will deteriorate over a set threshold. Adding a waterproof membrane or applying a specific coating is both viable options for ensuring the water tightness of water-resistant tiles.

Do outdoor floor tiles resist humidity?

The material and construction of the tiles determine whether they are resistant to humidity. Outdoor ceramic tiles have excellent humidity-resisting properties, as do porcelain tiles. Natural stone tiles are also good options.

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