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Buy Wellness Products like sauna, shower-Panels, shower enclosures & More

Bathroom Wellness Products Shop in Bangalore

Several luxury bath product manufacturers have devoted the last decade to the study and development of health & wellness bathroom products. At Katta Ceramics, we are also focused on technological improvements for personalized wellness products and excellent design.

Together with medical physicians, physiotherapists, and hydrotherapy specialists, some of the nation’s most prestigious businesses have created innovative bathroom goods with the notion that the private space of a bathroom should become an integral element of our health and wellness strategy.

People may visit a spa each week or while on holiday, but what about incorporating it into an everyday routine, like a steam bath at home? With the bathroom wellness product range available at Katta Ceramics, this can become a reality for you.

Shower Enclosure
Shower Enclosure

Buy Bathroom Wellness Products and Fittings Like Sauna, Shower-Panels, Shower-Enclosures & More

With physical and mental well-being taking centre stage, it is not surprising that we are examining our living spaces to see how they may best support our lives. The addition of wellness products to your bathroom will not only make it seem more elegant but will also make it more useful, which is very crucial when you consider the amount of time that you spend there.

At Katta Ceramics, we have a carefully curated, premium range of wellness products to fit any of your needs and design statements. Bringing the best to you from leading brands, we have shower panels, shower enclosures, steam and sauna bath products, jacuzzis, swimming pool variants, and more. Browse through our collection, and let us find something just right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sanitaryware

Which bathroom wellness products are best?

At Katta Ceramics, you can discover an assortment of the best, most high-tech wellness products from leading brands such as Hindware, Jaquar, Queo, Alchymi, and others. These brands have reinvented personal wellness and are a monument to the power of design and form to improve our living environments. We have been providing the finest sanitaryware goods from across the globe to Indian customer for over 35 years.

How to choose the best bathroom wellness products?

When choosing wellness products, your priority should be functionality and elegance. While it is important to choose practical products with the best features, it is also important to make sure they fit in well with your bathroom to offer a cohesive relaxing environment.

Here are five elements to consider when designing a bathroom conducive to health and fitness.

  • Innovative showers and faucets, shower-enclosures or shower-panels: Make sure you choose efficient showers and faucets that complement the design of your bathroom. Smart showers with various configurations such as massage effects and jets can help you relax more as well.
  • Chromotherapy and light play: Good, comfortable lighting in your personal wellness space is a vital factor to consider.
  • Bathtubs: Choose a bathtub that offers different settings to help you relax in the best possible way.
  • Steam & Sauna, and Hammams: These technologies may be used in your bathroom and even beyond. These systems’ various producers have made luxury design elements that may be placed in the bedroom.
  • Materials as well as Textures: Materials, as well as textures, are significant in wellness bathrooms. There are no restrictions on packing materials, but it’s crucial to create a warm atmosphere. Warm colours and natural elements provide a welcome and peaceful ambience in a wellness bathroom.

How to clean a shower panel?

Create a paste by combining half a cup of baking soda and salt. The glass shower enclosure’s walls should be treated with vinegar. Use a moist sponge to apply the paste to the walls once it has been dampened. After letting the mixture sit for a few minutes, rinse it off with water and pat it dry.

Which brand is good for bathroom fittings?

The ideal brand for you depends upon your requirements. At Katta Ceramics, we can help you find exactly what you need, choosing from a premium range of luxury brands such as Hindware, Jaquar, Queo, Alchymi, and more.

What are CP fittings in a bathroom?

Chrome plated bath fitting is the actual term for CP bath fittings. Many metallic objects are given a chrome finish to boost their longevity since chrome-plated items are resistant to corrosion.

Which are the best shower-panels to buy for home?

You may find a variety of the greatest shower panels at Katta Ceramics from renowned manufacturers like Hindware, Jaquar, Queo, Alchymi, and others. These companies have revolutionized personal wellbeing and stand as a testament to how form and design can enhance our living spaces. So, it would be a good call to choose from the aforementioned brands so that you can count on them.

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