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Wash Basin Faucets Store in Bangalore

Your wash basin faucets are those small details that define the aesthetic of your space. Explore the top-quality designer collection of wash basin taps at Katta Ceramics. Our assorted range suits every theme, be it modern, luxury, contemporary, or artistic. Our basin tap collection range will fit your every need for beauty and functionality.

Wash Basin Faucets
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Best Sensor Tap for Wash Basin

Katta Ceramics houses a wide range of wash-basin faucets with award-winning designs equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our faucets are the epitome of sophistication, made to change your dream bathrooms into a reality. 

At Katta Ceramics, you will find a huge variety of faucets to accommodate your space’s various themes. Select the best quality sensor tap for the wash basin to give your space a futuristic, modern look. The designs are created with the preservation of ecology in mind, as they are not only in vogue but also save water and energy. Touch-free taps will also complement your hygiene maintenance efforts as it leaves no space for contamination. Katta offers the best sensor taps for washbasins from leading manufacturers like Jaquar, Hindware, Viking, and more for providing world-renowned perfection in your space.

Designer Collection of Basin Mixer Tap at Katta Ceramics

At Katta Ceramics, we give you a luxurious variety with an inclusive range for your sinks in the kitchen, bathroom, and wash. Choose from an assorted collection of bathroom basin mixer taps if you want to ensure the freedom to adjust water temperature at your comfort. Our state-of-the-art mixer taps for bathroom sinks are a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Our expert consultants are dedicated to helping you choose the right basin faucets from premium brands well within your budget. 

Wll-Mounted Washbasin Tap in Bangalore

Your hand-washing space should be a metaphor for its functionality- clean, easy to maintain, and yet aesthetic! If you’re renovating your home or just changing fixtures, choose faucets that not only match the overall theme of your interior but accentuate its aesthetics.

Our selection of wall-mounted basin taps may help you choose clean, yet eye-pleasing designs to upgrade the look of your hand-wash area. We offer hundreds of designs from world-known companies Hindware, Jaquar, Oyster, Alchymi, Viking, and Queo to make sure we provide an option to suit all your specifications. If you’re in Bangalore, you’re just a step away from building an exquisite hygiene experience at your house.

Best Washbasin Faucet/Taps with Modern Design

If you’re building a new space or just renovating the old bathrooms, the look of your faucet can determine the style and aesthetics of the interior in the whole space. A single stop to choosing a tap complementing every contemporary-styled bathroom in your house, Katta Ceramics is the best basin faucets store in Bangalore.

At Katta Ceramics, we offer a wide variety of taps from premium brands in diverse materials and colors to suit the themes and color palette of your house. From artistic to modern, our faucet assortment will fit right in and provide the right balance of aesthetics to functionality. You can choose between a wide variety ranging from wall-mounted taps for bath to sensor taps for wash basins.

With over 35 years of experience, Katta Ceramics is well-established in this market and trusted by customers with quality and luxury. Our expert consultants are equipped to help you make the right choice with deep knowledge of popular trends in the market, style, and technology of the hardware. Whatever your need or requirements be, at Katta Ceramics, you step in with curiosity and we will leave you enamored with high-quality options from our cherry-picked water taps for the wash basin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best wash basin tap?

Some of the most preferred basin faucets are mixer taps. They are a great purchase option due to their simplistic design and high functionality offered by premium brands such as Hindware, Jaquar, Oyster, Viking, etc. You can visit our store in Bangalore to explore our range of wash basin faucets.

What are the different types of basin sink faucets?

When you’re designing a bathroom sink or vanity in your bathroom, you can choose from several options available in the market based on your needs. Some of the popular sink faucet styles are wall-mounted wash basin taps, centre-set faucets,  single-handle taps, and spread-fit faucets. At Katta Ceramics you choose the right type of basin faucet as per your need.  You can visit our store in Bangalore to explore our range of wash basin faucets.

Which tap is used in the washbasin?

Mixer taps, wall-mounted taps, sensor taps, and single basin taps are very popular these days. These are all great options for your washbasin fixtures, but choose a style that complements the interior of your bathroom and vanity. Also, keep long-term functionality in mind. Sensor basin taps have been increasingly popular in the corporate world for saving water and energy.  You can visit our store in Bangalore to explore our range of wash basin faucets.

Which tap is best for the basin?

At Katta Ceramics, all faucets are high-quality products of premium brands. Depending on your budget and requirements, our expert consultants will help you choose the best tap for the stylized contemporary look of your bathroom. 

How To Choose the Right Bathroom Faucet

While choosing a bathroom faucet, consider the look and style you want for your bathroom. Choose a faucet so that it merges in style, either quietly or as an artistic focus. Additionally, keep the quality a priority for longevity and consider its functionality in your daily use. Choose a bathroom faucet that will not be hard to maintain for you.  You can visit our store in Bangalore to explore our range of wash basin faucets.

Are Basin Taps the Same as Bath Taps?

Despite similar appearances, basin tops are not the same as bath taps. The water tap for the wash basin uses ½ inch pipe to channel the water through the tap. Bath taps on the other hand need more water and use ¾ inch pipeline. At Katta Ceramics, you can find a wide range of basin and bath faucets at the best prices from premium brands.  You can visit our store in Bangalore to explore our range of wash basin faucets.

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