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When someone walks into a bathroom, the first item they notice is the washbasin, which sets the mood for the bathroom. Wash basins come in diverse shapes, types, colors, and textures. You can buy the latest stylish designer wash basin in Bangalore at Katta Ceramics. 

Whether you have an antique or a fashionable bathroom, Katta Ceramics is the right place. Considering the size and your bathroom design, we will assist you in finding the ideal wash basin.

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For over 35 years, Katta Ceramics has been revolutionizing Indian interior design. We are your one-stop shop for washbasins from brands like Jaquar, Alchemy by Hindware, Hindware, Queo, Grohe, Artize, and Somany. Our selection of trendy wash basins in Bangalore is the best on the market right now.

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Your home mirrors your personality. Our selection of wall or countertop wash basins will compliment your house with sleek, new pieces. Katta Ceramics’ wash basins in Bangalore are one of the top choices for your home makeover. Give your home a makeover that is eye-catching and beautifully defines your home.

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Katta Ceramics curates products that are blended with the charm of craftsmanship and elegant design. We only deliver the finest products available on the market today.

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Contact Katta Ceramics now. We are the perfect place to look for modern ceramic interiors in Bangalore. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of wash basin is best?

Wash basins usually have four sorts: ceramics, resin, stone, and glass. 

Ceramic washbasins are ideal as they are easier to clean. Ceramic wash basins are flexible with most sanitary items and can be combined with virtually any sanitary item. Column ceramic washbasins are the most popular because they complement modern and traditional decor. Overall, ceramic is highly resistant to wear and can be easily cleaned with chemicals without causing damage. 

Stone is a common material used to make benchtop washbasins. They are costly and extravagant. However, they need routine maintenance. 

Glass washbasins are also popular. A glass wash basin is as useful as a ceramic basin but significantly more visually beautiful. Glass sinks are also simple to maintain. You can easily remove soap, toothpaste, and other stains with just a cotton cloth and some warm water. Although less expensive than stone, glass wash basins are more likely to need replacement as they do not last as long.

Discover the latest wash basins for your home with Katta Ceramics

What is the best size for a wash basin?

There are mainly 2 types of wall-mounted washbasins; Angled back and flat back washbasins. Flatbacks feature a flat, symmetrical back that fits flush against the wall, while corner sinks need angled backs. Flat back wash basins are 660mm, 460mm, and 200mm in length, breadth, and height. Standard corner wash basin dimensions are 400mm x 400mm x 290mm in length, breadth, and height. These are the best sizes of wash basins. 

Apart from this, counter-mounted washbasins come in various shapes and sizes.

Ultimately, the best size of wash basin for your bathroom depends on the size of your bathroom such that there is still sufficient space left around for all the other sanitaryware and toilet accessories.

We at Katta Ceramics have a wide range of washbasins that fit all sizes of bathrooms. Contact us or visit our store in Bangalore to find out more!

How to choose the right wash basin for your bathroom?

Pedestal wash basins are mounted on a pedestal that supports their weight. The stand, or column, conceals the pipeline fittings and acts as a decorative item. These washbasins are convenient, practical, and long-lasting choices for your home interior. A pedestal wash basin could be a great choice if you have a small bathroom. Made of ceramic, pedestal wash basins come in different designs with built-in cabinets for more storage.

Katta Ceramics offers counter wash basins or wall-mounted wash basins for small bathrooms. All these are fashionable and available in a variety of sizes and materials. The best wash basin material for bathrooms is ceramic. They are long-lasting and easy to clean. Choose top-quality pedestal wash basins with Katta Ceramics.

What are the different types of wash basins?

Katta Ceramics has six types of wash basins. Every wash basin has its own style, functionality, and usability. There are tabletop basins, wall-hung integrated basins, countertop basins, floor standing basins, under-counter basins, and semi-recessed basins. Visit our showroom for different modern wash basins.

Which type of basin is best for the kitchen?

We all want a low-maintenance kitchen in our homes. Sinks made of ceramic, stone or stainless steel are best for the kitchen. Ceramic wash basins are non-porous, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Stone wash basins are natural stones like marble, slate, or granite. These are very hard to crack or scrape and can be easily cleaned. Being non-porous, stone-wash basins have smooth surfaces to prevent bacterial growth.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are a very popular option. High-temperature resistant and easy to clean. They are reasonably priced in comparison to other types of kitchen sinks. Composed of a completely non-porous substance, stainless-steel sinks are easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel sinks are made of long-lasting materials that prevent breakage.

Katta Ceramics provides a range of washbasins in many sizes, shapes, colors, and layouts.

Visit Katta Ceramics today for the best wash basins in Bangalore!

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