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Buy Modern Exterior Wall Tiles for Garden

Best Outdoor Wall Tiles Shop in Bangalore

Define the aesthetic of your spaces the minute you set foot in them. At Katta Ceramics, you can choose the most suitable outdoor tiles from a variety of styles for your home or office building.

A balcony, garden, porch, or patio in your home or office is like having a mini-escape right there with you. Modern exterior wall tiles are available in a wide selection at Katta Ceramics. We have you covered from start to finish with design concepts and professionals to help you create a stunning outdoor environment, tailored to your tastes. 

You may develop a sense of what we bring to the table by exploring our outdoor wall tile and outdoor floor tile selections. Visit our store and discover our outdoor wall tiles shop in Bangalore.


Buy Modern Exterior Wall Tiles for Garden

The tile brands we carry are among the most reputable on the market. They guarantee that you obtain immaculate tiles by combining superior workmanship with cutting-edge technology. Many of the tiles in our assortment are suitable for outdoor settings, making them ideal for use as outdoor wall tiles for garden settings. So, you can  unleash your creativity and design an outdoor space that’s perfect for you. Exterior wall tiles for your gardens provide strong resistance and a powerful look to the outside walls, and their visual appeal originates from their reliable form and design.

These tiles provide a lasting impression of contemporary elegance, beautifully enhancing the environment they’re installed in. These tiles are of such high quality, design, and composition that they will easily withstand the rigors of nature.

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Bathroom Tiles: Frequently Asked Questions

Which tile is best for the outdoor walls?

When it comes to tiling an outdoor space, you have several alternatives to select from; nevertheless, porcelain tiles are among the best exterior wall tiles. Because of its high density and tenacity, porcelain tile is an excellent material for exterior applications. However, you should be sure to purchase porcelain tile certified for use outside. Porcelain tile used inside typically has a glossy finish that, if it becomes wet, may become quite hazardous due to its slick nature. You should instead aim to get porcelain tiles with a rough appearance on their surface.

What kind of tile works outside?

Tiles used on exterior walls need to be durable and resist the effects of all types of precipitation. When it comes to the outside walls of Indian houses, stone tile constructions, porcelain tiles, cement tiles, and other types of tiles are regarded as the most acceptable options for outdoor tiling.

What are outdoor wall tiles?

When someone visits your home or office, the exteriors are the aspects that form the first impressions. External wall tiles are among the finest elements you may utilize for your home’s exterior. Outside walls can be clad with wood, stone, ceramic, and other materials, affixed to a structure’s exterior to enhance its aesthetic appeal. This is acquiring popularity and is also known as external wall cladding. Whether you purchased the home for domestic or commercial use, exterior tiles are a secure cladding solution.

How do I choose outdoor tiles?

There is a significant difference between purchasing interior and outdoor tiles. The following criteria must be considered when choosing outdoor wall tiles:

  •   If you want to redesign the outside space of the home or office, you need to establish a budget. Adhere to this budget to examine the many possibilities based on the amount of money you intend to spend.
  •   Each room in the home has a specific function. Large outside spaces are often designed for children’s play, whereas a modest deck may be utilized to cultivate plants. Choose tiles that complement the purpose of your outdoor area. 
  •   Depending on where you live and the local weather conditions, you may select between outdoor anti-slip tiling or terrace flooring. Consider the local weather conditions and your available choices before making a decision.
  •   The finish and the texture of outdoor wall tiles are crucial since they impact the space’s appearance and utility. Most outdoor tiles are weather and slip-resistant.

Is outdoor tile slippery?

No, the outdoor tiling is not slick. Materials such as natural stone and concrete are often slip-resistant. However, various finishes are available for other choices, such as porcelain tiles, with varying amounts of traction for each surface type.

Is exterior tiling walls a good decision?

Yes, outside wall tiling is a fantastic investment. Tiles give a high level of durability, withstanding structural damage, at an affordable price. Even though the tiles are initially more expensive than paint, they are more economical in the long term. They are also easier to clean, and you can find options like porcelain tiles that are a cakewalk in terms of cleaning.

What tile is not recommended for outdoor use?

Since they absorb water and are consequently vulnerable to cracking and mold, ceramic tiles are not suggested for use outside. They are also not a robust enough material to survive weather impacts.

Why are exterior wall tiles essential?

Exterior wall tiles enhance the look and feel of your spaces at first glance. They leave a good first impression on visitors and help you feel content and glad when you walk into your building. Additionally, they are excellent ways to protect the walls against wear and tear.

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