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Grohe believes that there is more to design than simply how it makes a product look. Grohe has established a hallmark for innovative design by exemplifying the fusion of function and form. Grohe sanitaryware, which has set an industry standard in high-end bathroom fixtures and fittings, is now available in Bangalore through Katta Ceramics. Whether your home is brand new or recently remodelled, adding the Grohe bathroom collection is like adding icing on the cake.

We at Katta Ceramics have an extensive selection of high-end, aesthetically pleasing, modern bathroom accessories, fittings, and décor. We would be glad to become your go-to store for all things associated with bathrooms and sanitaryware in Bangalore. Check out the Grohe Sanitaryware products on our website and drop down to our store to see them in person.


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Explore Katta Ceramics to shop for the highest quality Jaquar bathroom faucets, fixtures and sanitary ware. Katta Ceramics has been meeting the demands of customers, with an ever-expanding selection of Jaquar products like Jaquar wash basins, Jaquar urinals, Jaquar showerheads and more.

Bathrooms are private spaces, and as such, their design, decoration, and style are important to us. We have a variety of cutting-edge, aesthetically pleasing sanitary fixtures that can be installed in your bathroom to boost its visual appeal and fulfil your functional and aesthetic needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grohe a luxury brand?

There is no doubt that Grohe belongs in the premium brand category. The business is recognized as an industry pioneer all over the globe. It focuses on providing a broad range of bathroom and kitchen accessories. The sanitary ware Grohe offers is outstanding because they successfully mix fashionable designs with cutting-edge technological advancements.


Is Grohe service free?

You can contact our experts and support staff if you require help or services for our store’s Grohe sanitary fittings. Or, you can get in touch with Grohe by emailing if you have any issues with the quality of your Grohe items. They have a nationwide staff of Service Experts that are properly educated and equipped and are located across India.

Is Jaquar service free?

Jaquar provides two service types: PMS and PMC. PMS refers to “Preventive maintenance service,” which would be provided for free with the purchasing of all Jaquar health and wellness goods. Meanwhile, PMC refers to “Preventive maintenance contract” and it covers four services each year for a low charge.

How do you clean a Grohe wash basin?

Around the wash basin, the joints are key hotspots for accumulating dirt and bacteria. Consequently, foul smells might arise. To prevent this from occurring, you must clean the wash basin often and sometimes wipe the joints. Only after the plug has been tightened a little amount of dishwashing liquid and warm water should be poured into the basin. Drain the water, use the soft side of the sponge to cleanse the basin’s surface, and then dry the surface with a soft, dry towel.

Does Grohe sanitaryware have warranty coverage?

All Grohe product finishes come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects the original customer against Grohe’s manufacturing flaws in workmanship and materials for the duration of the warranty.

What should I use to clean my Grohe bath fittings & accessories?

When cleaning, you should never use scratchy sponges or scrubbing agents. You just need a dab of soap and a damp towel to clean the fitting, after which you should rinse it off and pat it dry. If you wipe the fitting after each use, you can prevent lime streaks from appearing on it. If lime deposits form, they can be removed with GrohClean, their environmentally friendly cleaning product. GrohClean may be obtained at Katta Ceramics upon request.


Are Grohe tapware, shower fittings, Grohe urinal bidet options and other products available in colours other than chrome?

Customers can access an unprecedented variety of colour options owing to the newly introduced Grohe Colors Collection. Grohe is the only bathroom accessories provider with a vast colour spectrum for shower fittings, faucets, accessories, and flush plates. The collection has a variety of colour schemes, including SuperSteel, Warm Sunset, Cool Sunrise, Hard Graphite, and Nickel, in addition to Classic Chrome, which is one of the best sellers of these offered eye-catching colours.


What do you mean by Grohe complete bathing solutions?

Grohe offers comprehensive bathing solutions that provide many bathroom alternatives. This simplifies the design and installation process for you by bringing together in a single spot an extensive portfolio of shower systems, faucets, and accessories like Grohe thermostats, as well as a handpicked selection of sanitary ceramics. Customers are also free to choose components suited to their tastes and needs.

Where can I buy spare parts for Grohe products?

The spare part finder on the Grohe website makes it simple to locate replacement components for Grohe products. Katta Ceramics would gladly assist you in your quest for replacement components!

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