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Body showers give your bathroom a stylish look. Body jets include a variety of sprays mounted to the shower wall alongside the main showerhead to give you an exhilarating shower experience. You will feel relaxed after using body jets.

Body shower jets spray water through a series of nozzles. The most common materials used to make shower jets are brass, zinc, and stainless steel. You can choose body jets from countless attractive layouts and modifications at Katta Ceramics. 

We at Katta Ceramics work with brands like Jaquar, Oyster, Hindware, and Viking to supply trendy bathroom products. You can find us by searching, body jet shower in Bangalore.

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Best Body Jets in Bangalore, Karnataka

Katta Ceramics is your one-stop shop for beautiful bathroom fixtures and accessories. As a leading and trusted name for the last 35 years, we have an entire collection of bathroom systems to suit your various demands and requirements. You can make the best sanitaryware product selections necessary to design your bathroom.

Shower body jets generally give our bathrooms an exquisite and stylish feel. They come with a variety of sprays that get connected to the shower wall alongside the main showerhead. Also, the body jet works hand in hand with the main showerhead and gives a luxurious shower experience. But, the body shower uses a series of nozzles to spray water, and body jets are placed on the shower folds.

A quick search on body shower dealers in Bangalore will recommend Katta Ceramics. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best body jet shower?

You can enhance your showering experience with a well-designed shower system. If you want to add body shower jets to your bathroom, you have come to the right place. 

Jaguar shower jets provide a wide variety of experiences. You will get a continuous supply of water to each nozzle without fail. Available in four shapes: rectangular, oval, square, and round, you can decide what you prefer. The advanced rubit technology cleans and increases the life of body jets. Further, there is no limescale buildup on the shower jets as they are made of elastic silicone. 

The click function is standard on all Jaquar multi-function showers. When you change functions, you will feel and hear the click. No matter how low your water pressure is, you will enjoy your shower with the Jaquar Booster Technology. 

Some more settings to look for in body jets are:

  • Surface-mounted design or wall-mounted installation 
  • Number of body jets and showerheads
  • Simple design or complex features
  • Tempered glass surface

Other outstanding body jet brands include Hindware, Viking, and Oyster. One-stop shopping at Katta Ceramics will get you a selection of these top brands.

What is the use of body jets?

Due to the body jets’ positions, the spray is directed towards particular muscles and pressure points on the body. These relieve muscle discomfort and give a calming massage. Water flows with high pressure through the fewer nozzles and smaller size of body jets, providing a thorough, relaxing massage.

Our top brands like Jaquar, Hindware, Viking, and Oyster have diverse products in many shapes, sizes, color, and materials. 

You can choose the body jets that match your preferences by visiting Katta Ceramics in Bangalore. 

How high should body jets be?

The best spray from a body jet should hit the shoulders and back. Generally, body jets are: 

  • placed at the height of the waist or hips rather than the face or back of the head. 
  • Lower body spray is frequently used on the thighs or knees.

For best relaxation, you must install body jets in groups of four or six and consult a team of experts at Katta Ceramics

What are the different types of body jet faucets?

Different body jets provide very diverse sensations. They create a grand feeling as they are one of the most rejuvenating experiences one can have within one’s home! There are three types of showers:

  • Shower rain for pleasure: Enjoy showering with soothing, calming shower rain.
  • Efficient showers: That wake you up and engages all five of your senses.
  • Focus showers: massage spray that washes away daily stress and worries to actively relax the user.

Check out Katta Ceramic’s new body jet faucets catalogue for your home.

How to Choose the Right Body Jet Faucet?

The pleasant rain shower has enriched air in the water. It causes the water to feel smooth and plump, surrounding you with soft beads of water and creating a sense of well-being. This soothing summer rain-like caressing of the body is incredible for pleasure showerers.

An energizing rush of freshness for the entire body can be felt by a forceful rain jet. The soothing strength of water is great for washing out shampoo. This jet type is ideal for an exciting start to the day and the occasional battery recharge.

A spinning massage spray that washes away the muscle tension. It relieves tension, particularly in the neck and shoulders. At Katta Ceramics, we have a large selection of body jet faucets to accommodate all shapes and sizes of bathrooms. To learn more, please get in touch with us.

Do Visit Katta Ceramics for the best body jets.

Katta Ceramics began with the purpose of providing quality sanitaryware to clients. It continues to satisfy the demands and demands of its valued customers, as well as their distinctive tastes.

This store in Bangalore allows you to design your fantasy bathroom from a large selection of systems and bathtubs. Katta Ceramics works with firms like Jaquar, Hindware, Somany, Oyster, Queo, Alchymi, and Viking, to name just a few. So, do visit Katta Ceramics for the best body jets.

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