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Somany Outdoor Tile 1
Somany Outdoor Tile 2
Somany Outdoor Tile 3
Somany Outdoor Tile 4
Somany Outdoor Tile 5
Somany Outdoor Tile 6
Somany Outdoor Tile 7
Somany Outdoor Tile 8
Somany Outdoor Tile 9
Somany Outdoor Tile 10
Somany Outdoor Tile 11
Somany Outdoor Tile 12
Somany Outdoor Tile 13
Somany Outdoor Tile 14
Somany Outdoor Tile 15
Somany Outdoor Tile 16
Somany Outdoor Tile 17
Somany Outdoor Tile 18
Somany Outdoor Tile 19
Somany Outdoor Tile 20
Nitco Outdoor Tile 2
Somany Bathroom Tiles 1
Somany Bathroom Tiles 2
Somany Bathroom Tiles 3
Somany Bathroom Tiles 4
Somany Bathroom Tiles 5
Somany Bathroom Tiles 6
Somany Bathroom Tiles 7
Somany Bathroom Tiles 8
Somany Bathroom Tiles 9
Somany Bathroom Tiles 10
Somany Bathroom Tiles 11
Somany Bathroom Tiles 12
Somany Bathroom Tiles 13
Somany Bathroom Tiles 14
Somany Bathroom Tiles 15
Somany Bathroom Tiles 16
Somany Bathroom Tiles 17
Somany Bathroom Tiles 18
Somany Bathroom Tiles 19
Somany Bathroom Tiles 20
Somany Bathroom Tiles 21
Somany Bathroom Tiles 22
Somany Bathroom Tiles 23
Somany Bathroom Tiles 24
Somany Bathroom Tiles 25
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Somany Bathroom Tiles 30
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Somany Bathroom Tiles 32
Somany Bedroom Tiles 1
Somany Bedroom Tiles 2
Somany Bedroom Tiles 3
Somany Bedroom Tiles 4
Somany Bedroom Tiles 5
Somany Bedroom Tiles 6
Somany Bedroom Tiles 7
Somany Bedroom Tiles 8
Somany Bedroom Tiles 9
Somany Bedroom Tiles 10
Somany Bedroom Tiles 11
Somany Bedroom Tiles 12
Somany Bedroom Tiles 13
Somany Bedroom Tiles 14
Somany Bedroom Tiles 15
Somany Bedroom Tiles 16
Somany Bedroom Tiles 17
Somany Bedroom Tiles 18
Somany Bedroom Tiles 19
Somany Bedroom Tiles 20
Somany Kitchen Tiles 1
Somany Kitchen Tiles 2
Somany Kitchen Tiles 3
Somany Kitchen Tiles 4
Somany Kitchen Tiles 5
Somany Kitchen Tiles 6
Somany Kitchen Tiles 7
Somany Kitchen Tiles 8
Somany Kitchen Tiles 9
Somany Kitchen Tiles 10
Somany Kitchen Tiles 11
Somany Kitchen Tiles 12
Somany Kitchen Tiles 13
Somany Kitchen Tiles 14
Somany Kitchen Tiles 15
Somany Kitchen Tiles 16
Somany Kitchen Tiles 17
Somany Kitchen Tiles 18
Somany Kitchen Tiles 19
Somany Kitchen Tiles 20
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 1
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 2
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 3
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 4
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 5
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 6
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 7
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 8
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 9
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 10
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 11
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 12
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 13
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 14
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 15
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 16
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 17
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 18
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 19
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 20
Somany Outdoor Wall Tile 21

Somany Wall and Floor Tiles

Tiles are a great way to transform any surface or space into a work of art and boost the elegance of your house. 

One of the finest manufacturers of tiles in the market today is Somany, who brings to you vitrified, ceramic, hardwood, antique, glazed and non-glazed, porcelain, mosaic, as well as other types of tiles.

Somany Body 1
Somany Body 2

Buy Somany Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Outdoor & Indoor Tiles, & More

With our bespoke collection, Somany is a brand to take into consideration if you want the greatest assortment but do not want to spend a fortune. For many years, Somany Ceramics has been one of the leading tile firms in India, assisting clients in creating beautiful spaces with tiles with Somany indoor tiles and outdoor tiles.

Katta Ceramics houses the newest trends, colors, styles, textures, and patterns in Somany tiles. Our selection offers something for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Somany tiles a good brand?

Yes, Somany is a reputable tile manufacturer. Somany ceramics are ahead of the curve when it comes to both design and quality because to the company’s forward-thinking, inventive, and futuristic attitude. Ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, and other options are among its product offerings. You can find tiles for every need with consistent quality and craftsmanship. Somany living room tiles are bound to be as high-quality as Somany outdoor floor tile or any other product.

Which brand is best for tiles?

Somany Ceramics is one of the best brands for tiles. Somany has always strived to be the first to launch new items in India, and will continue to do so in the future. As a result, the company is and will continue to be a dynamic industry leader.

How to choose Somany tile?

Here are some tips to keep in mind and work with:

  •             Calculate your budget.
  •             Measure the number of tiles.
  •             Choose the materials suitable for your needs.
  •             Pay close attention to the tones and hues of the tiles you are considering.
  •             Determine the tile size.
  •             Choose the finish.
  •             Select the grout.

Which tile is best for wall and floor?

Walls may benefit from ceramic or porcelain Somany wall tiles since they are stain-resistant and don’t absorb moisture. If you need new wall tiles installed, a simple internet search for “best tiles store near me” might lead you to us. When it comes to flooring, Somany indoor tiles like vitrified designer tiles are your best choice due to its durability and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. For outdoor spaces, Somany outdoor floor tile with a matte surface and non-slip additives are recommended to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

What is the difference between wall & floor tiles?

Floor tiles are thicker and more durable to withstand wear and tear from foot traffic, appliances, furniture, and more. Most are textured to reduce slipping. The tile used on walls is often thinner, smoother, and more easily broken. Wall tile is not recommended for usage underfoot because it becomes significantly more slippery when wet.

How to clean and maintain Somany tiles for long service?

Different types of tiles require unique maintenance and cleaning. The best way to keep your tiles in good shape is to make sure you maintain them as per their specific requirements. We, at Katta Ceramics, can guide you on the best cleaning and maintenance practices to ensure your tiles last long.

What should I use to clean my Somany bathroom tiles?

Ceramic tiles are among the most long-lasting options, therefore they’re often utilized in high-traffic rooms like bathrooms. They may seem dirtier than the majority of your surfaces because of this. Somany floor tiles, on the other hand, may be easily cleaned. For the greatest results, first sweep or clean the floors, then mop with a damp cloth. Simply mopping the floor with a solution of vinegar and even lemon juice added to warm water can restore the shine.

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