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Your bathroom must be an epitome of elegance if you wish to unwind and relax there, but it is also where cleanliness and safety are of the greatest priority. So, choose tiles that are simple to clean, nonslip, and germ-free for the finest effect. We have a plethora of elegant designer bathroom wall tiles to accentuate and elevate any style and design of bathrooms.

While cleanliness and aesthetically pleasant settings continue to be the most essential parts of urban bathrooms in India, you may also go for designer bathroom wall tiles or 3D wall tiles for an instant makeover!


Largest Collection of Designer Bedroom Tiles at Katta Ceramics

Katta Ceramics is a one-stop destination for a vast collection of designer and contemporary tiles belonging to leading brands in the industry. We have curated a versatile range, so you will be sure to discover an aesthetic or design that fulfils your expectations and imaginations. Count on us to provide you with the best advice and recommendations for the best tiles for bathroom walls and floors!

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Bathroom Tiles: Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best tiles for bathroom walls?

When it comes to bathrooms, ceramic tiles for walls are the most suitable and popular option. Glazed tiles or polished ceramic tiles are also an excellent choice for the walls of your bathroom, but they are not ideal for the floor due to their slipperiness when wet. Contact us to find out your best options for bathroom walls.

Which is best for wall tiles or wallpaper?

Whether you pick glass wall tiles with a glossy surface or tiles with a matte finish, tiled walls are always simpler to keep clean, enabling you to concentrate on more important elements of your life and home. Contact us to find out your best options for wall tiles.

What to check before buying wall tiles?

Before buying tile, ensure that its colour and texture are consistent. It must be sufficiently sturdy to prevent breaking and cracking. The corners of ceramic tiles should be crisp and at a precise straight angle, not fractured. The surface should be examined for curves and warping by placing tiles on it. A quick web search for the ‘wall tiles shop near me’ will help you find us for the best wall tiles. Connect with our professionals to learn more about your suitable options.

How do I choose wall tiles?

Here are some tips to keep in mind and work with:

  • Estimate your budget.
  • Measure the number of tiles.
  • Choose the materials suitable for your needs.
  • Pay close attention to the tones and hues of the tiles you are considering.
  • Determine the tile size.
  • Choose the finish.
  • Select the grout.

Contact us to learn more about your suitable options.

Which size is best for wall tiles?

The size of tiles has expanded substantially throughout time. 20 years ago, 4×4 wall tiles were trendy and the most frequent sizes, however now the most popular and fashionable sizes for wall tiles are 8×10 and larger. You should choose a wall tile size based on the aesthetic you want to achieve. Contact us to get your hands on our wall tiles collection catalogue.

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