Advantages and disadvantages of Double Sink vs Single Sink Vanities


People often restrict themselves to single bathroom vanities, but if your bathroom has enough space, going for a double sink vanity might be a more luxurious option. If you are open to having a double sink and your bathroom has enough space, read this blog to learn about the pros and cons of single and double sink vanities.

But let us first understand what they are:

What is a single sink vanity?

A single sink vanity is a cabinet with one sink installed on the top. One can choose to have a wall-mounted vanity or a free-standing vanity. Normally, these vanities can range anywhere from 16 inches to 72 inches.

What is a double sink vanity?

When two sinks are installed into a single vanity, it is referred to as a double sink vanity. These vanities are generally bigger and have two separate sinks and two faucets. However, it is important to space the sinks correctly according to the cabinet sizes.

Let us now understand the advantages and disadvantages of the single sink and double sink vanities:

Advantages of single sink vanity

  • Easy installation:

Single sink vanities are the most obvious option when selecting vanities for your bathroom. They are easy to install and also cost-effective, as you have just one sink and one faucet to install.

  • More space for storage:

When installing a vanity with a sink, you cannot have storage space under the sink due to plumbing. With two basins installed in a vanity, there is hardly any space left for drawers. It is best to go with large-width vanities with a single sink.

  • An ideal choice for small bathrooms:

If you have limited space available in your bathroom, it is better to go for smaller cabinetry with one sink, as this will fit easily into a small bathroom.

  • More countertop space:

Like the storage space, the single sink vanities offer more countertop space. This allows you to keep all your bathroom essentials on the countertop, like toothbrush stands, hair dryer etc.

Cons of a single sink vanity:

  • It might not look good in large bathrooms:

If you have a large-sized master bathroom, having a single sink vanity might look awkward as there will be a lot of unutilized space in the bathroom.

Let us now understand the pros and cons of a double sink vanity

Pros of a double sink vanity:

  • More oversized countertops:

Having a double sink vanity will give you added space for your countertop which means there will be fewer chances of having a cluttered countertop. It will allow you to keep your countertop neat.

  • A space to share with your loved ones:

Having two sinks can allow two people to use the bathroom simultaneously. This means if two people need to get ready simultaneously, then a double sink vanity can work for them.

Cons of a double sink vanity:

  • Higher cost of plumbing:

Having two sinks in the bathroom will inflate your plumbing cost; there would be other additional costs, like the cost of a bigger mirror and an additional faucet, along with the installation cost.

  • Less storage space:

Since the two sinks will take up a lot of space in the vanity, the storage space available would be less as there would be no storage space below the sink. Double sink vanities might give you a more oversized countertop, but there will be significantly less space for drawers. However, you can resolve this problem if you opt for large-width vanities.

So, which vanity is better?

If you have a limited bathroom space, then obviously single sink vanity will work for you. However, if you have a big bathroom and expense is not an issue, take a lot at both the options and research thoroughly before making a decision. Double vanities will add up to your cost of material and plumbing, but we suggest not compromising the quality of materials used. The last thing that a homeowner wants is to end up with a flimsy vanity.


Bathroom vanities are essential fixtures, and one must only opt for high-quality bathroom vanities. Go for the vanity that complements your bathroom’s interiors and works well according to the bathroom space.

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