Bathroom Floor Tiles: What you Need to Know


There are countless varieties of bathroom floor tiles available on the market, and a homeowner cannot possibly evaluate all of them before making a final tile decision. So, how can a house owner choose tiles without spending an inordinate amount of time and effort doing so? To choose the ideal tiles for your floor, keep in mind the fundamental criteria below.

Most Popular Tile For Bathroom Floor: Types of Tiles

  • Ceramic: Ceramic tiles are the most popular bathroom floor tiles, being inexpensive and long-lasting, although they are easily damaged by chips and cracks. Group 4 or 5 ceramic tiles, which are designed to withstand moderate foot activity, are your best bet for high-traffic areas.
  • Porcelain: In addition to being more solid and sturdy than ceramic, porcelain tiles also withstand scratches and stains better than ceramic ones. Rectified porcelain tiles, also known as joint-free porcelain tiles, provide a smooth appearance with no grout lines. When you want to give anything a clean appearance, epoxy grout is your best option.
  • Vitrified: Vitrified tiles are hardy, long-lasting, stain-proof, and water-proof. Some, like doubly charged vitrified tiles, have two distinct colours throughout the tile, while others, like complete body tiles or tiles made with soluble salt, have a consistent colour scheme.
  • Naturals: Using tiles made from natural substances such as sandstone, limestone, marble, or travertine is another option. A quick search for ‘best tiles shop near me’ might help you find what you need!
  • Cement: Cement tiles, which come in classic designs, are an excellent choice for a striking appearance. However, the necessity for regular sealing arises from the porous characteristics of the material. 

Selecting the Right Size

The living room, the dining area, and the bedrooms are the ideal places to install huge tiles.  Your kitchen, as well as the bathroom, may both benefit from having smaller ones. A major thing to remember is that using big tiles will result in less visible grout lines and a more open appearance.

Most bathrooms will have the floor made out of square tiles. The most typical sizes for these bathroom floor tiles are 300×300 mm or 600×600 mm. Since they are homogeneous in size and shape and simple to install, square tiles have gained widespread favour. They are the best option for a tasteful, timeless, and unbiased bathroom remodel.

You may get modern floor tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes, including squares, hexagons, and more. The uneven shapes of these tiles allow for a more personalised design, but they also need more precise measurements. 


Select the Best Tile Finish

Bathroom floor tiles with a glossy surface reflect light and create the impression of more space because of their reflective quality. The slippery nature of glossy ones means they shouldn’t be utilised in moist environments like the bathroom.

Matte finishes are safer since they don’t reflect light and they hide fingerprints and grime. It’s also important to have slip-resistant tiles in wet places like the bathroom or kitchen. If you’re concerned about safety, it’s best to go for tiles with a COF (coefficient of friction) of 0.6 or higher.

It’s also possible to choose a lappato or quasi-matte finish. These are more slip-resistant and shinier than matte tiles.

Designs and Patterns

The colours and designs of bathroom floor tiles may be customised to your liking. Tiles now have the appearance and texture of more expensive real materials like wood, granite, and many kinds of stone, thanks to the development of digital printing. Tile patterns may be further customised by combining pieces from other sets. In order to make your house appear larger, select tiles that are either a lighter shade or a colour that will go with the rest of your decor. Keep in mind that tiles are a permanent addition to your home and will not be replaced lightly.

Think About the Price

In order to avoid running out of tiles before the job is done, it’s important to figure out how many you’ll need and then subtract 10% for waste. Having a set spending limit in mind might make selecting floor tiles much simpler.

Always lay the bathroom floor tiles to minimise the amount of tile that must be trimmed, so as to reduce tile waste. The best way to prevent a jumble of tile colours is to order everything at once.


Buying tiles for your spaces is a significant task. The above guide might help ease it out for you. Do you require more advice, or have you settled on the right tiling for your bathroom? Get in touch with our professionals here at Katta Ceramics, your destination for elegant, contemporary bathroom fittings and flooring. 

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