Which Shower Enclosure Should Be Chosen?


In many ways, the bathroom is the heart of relaxation in your house. Hot, relaxing showers at the end of a long day, or a quick cold wake-up shower in the morning – your mood can largely be influenced by your bathroom.

With that, a shower enclosure may make or break your bathroom’s appearance, use, and accessibility. Read on to explore more about the types of shower enclosures at your disposal.

Choosing A Shower Enclosure

The shower is one of the primary places to cover when starting a bathroom renovation. In conjunction with the many elements of your bathroom, properly installed shower enclosures may completely alter its look and feel. Planning a new master bathroom or a tiny fixer-upper comes down to a balance of aesthetic preference, creative energy, financial flexibility, and practicality.

Here is an overview of the many kinds of shower enclosures and the advantages of each. Take a look at these before you make a quick search for shower enclosures near me.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are one of the most common options for European bathrooms. The enclosure has a curved front panel that fits neatly in small spaces and offers a contemporary appearance.

A quadrant shower enclosure might be an excellent solution if you want to expand your space without compromising a gorgeous shower. These movable shower doors will not reduce your available space and will allow for customization.

Square and Rectangular Enclosures

If you have ample capacity, square shower enclosures provide a trendy and contemporary appearance without occupying too much room. The doors have a pure square form with no curvature.

Additionally, the lack of curved glass gives you additional door and frame alternatives. These enclosures are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners.

If you have more room, go for a rectangular shower enclosure. These showers are great for persons who want enough space for movement while bathing. It also looks lovely in a master bath, particularly when the rectangular design is complemented with the proper glass and fittings.

Enclosures with Hinged Shower Doors

These enclosures are simply designed for an airy and light appearance. The enclosure employs hinges rather than a slider, such as those seen in pivoting doors.

The hinged mechanisms allow for a larger entry area, which is advantageous for those who need more accessibility. Add the proper handlebar and intricate fittings for the ideal contemporary appearance, being among the finest shower enclosure Bangalore has in the market today.

Sliding Enclosures for Your Shower

Not all spaces can accommodate hinged or pivoting doors. This is when sliding enclosures may be of assistance. These glass enclosures are adaptable to any shower design, providing space for other important bathroom equipment. Stylish sliding doors may even be used in bigger bathrooms if properly planned.

Framed Shower Doors

One of the most contemporary industry trends is framed shower doors. These glass shower enclosures provide an elegant, classic appearance without losing practicality. You may pick from a variety of media for the framework, including brass, bronze, chrome, and other hues.

Frosted or Embossed Glass Enclosures

Embossed glass is a popular choice for individuals who want more seclusion. It is also gaining popularity as an alternative to clear glass because of its spa-like appearance. The steam plus water from the shower creates a spa-like atmosphere, which is just another perk of such enclosures. Additionally, textured glass might make your shower look larger.


Do not be afraid to combine materials for a tile-and-glass shower enclosure if you want the best shower and glass combo. This form of shower dispenses with the use of glass and replaces it with wall tiles. The combination makes the shower seem larger and provides enough illumination. It also looks wonderful in bathrooms of any size.

Splash Shower

Replace the shower door with a transparent splash shower enclosure to eliminate it. These showers use a glass splash screen that obstructs access to the shower’s essential regions while leaving the remainder accessible. These showers have a striking appearance with bold lines that provide an attractive touch.

Additionally, these shower enclosures provide endless customization choices. You may choose your preferred style, depth, texture, or hue.

To Sum Up

Are you prepared to personalize your shower enclosure’s glass? Katta Ceramics provides glass shower installations in Bangalore, whether you are replacing an old, outdated door or rebuilding your whole bathroom. We are the answer to your search for shower enclosures near me!

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